Why should you visit Morocco?

Ancient and lively medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desert dunes of the Sahara, streets full of snake charmers and storytellers, the constant aroma of exquisite spices… It all sounds so exotic, inviting, warm and inviting. Yes, it’s all Morocco. Yes, this North African land has been attracting more and more tourists lately and there are a number of reasons for this. Morocco is a fairly inexpensive country, especially during the winter months. Accommodation can be found from $ 11 per day, not taking into account hostels with one toilet for all. Food prices vary from city to city, but you can have a bite to eat in a street cafe from $1,5, and a full and tasty meal from $6.  Immerse yourself in the Atlas Mountains and get a taste of the Berber culture. On the way to the mountains, through small villages and winding paths, your eyes will delight the castles, forests, gorges of these charming areas. You’ll see landscapes so compelling that your camera will come alive and want to take photos of its own. Morocco is where the bustle of the city cannot be avoided. Imagine, and before your eyes a swift, eventful, non-stop oriental city will appear before your eyes. However, before your eyes, this fuss turns into something exciting. If you feel like this rhythm is “pressing”, then you can find many rooftop terraces that offer a cozy atmosphere and offer a cup of hot mint tea, surprisingly refreshing in the heat. You can also visit the Majorelle Garden in the New Town, once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. – the oldest city in Morocco, is another must-see city, a city that changes people who come here. This is the birthplace of labyrinths of narrow streets, some of whose houses can only be reached through a drop-down (folding) ladder. If architecture has never been something that draws you in, then get ready to become a fan of local buildings and landmarks. The city of Fez is home to some of the most elaborate houses such as the Bou Inania Madrasah and the Andalusia Mosque. In addition to urban and mountain landscapes, Morocco is a country of spectacular ocean beaches. Essaouira is located to the west of Marrakesh and is perfect for a day trip. The city is somewhat of a hippie hangout and boasts a thriving art scene. It is also known as the “African City of Winds”, so if you are a windsurfer, then this is exactly the place where you should be. Enjoy local seafood, stroll through the old portuguese port, medina and sandy beach. If you want to sunbathe, in comfort, without wind, go a little south, to Agadir, with its 300 sunny days a year. Moroccan cuisine is very fragrant, full of colors and rich in taste. Get ready to delight your taste buds and stomach with the ultimate creamy hummus that melts in your mouth. While in Marrakech, it is an absolute must to visit Jamaa El Fna, a large square filled with food stalls at night, where you can taste various oriental spices and fresh salads for every taste.

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