Interesting birch facts

A symbolic tree for Russian latitudes, it is found in almost all countries with a temperate climate. Birch has found many uses in everyday life, which is why it has been valued since ancient times. Consider the features of this tree, native to all of us since childhood. 1) Birch leaves are elliptical in shape. 2) Most birches, with the exception of those growing near rivers, require a low soil pH. 3) The maximum height that a birch reaches is 30 meters. This is a type of drooping birch. 4) The average life expectancy of a birch is 40-50 years. However, under favorable conditions, a tree can exist up to 200 years. 5) The silver birch (drooping birch) is considered the tree of charm and is known as the “Lady of the Woods”. 6) Birch bark is so strong that it can be used to make canoes. 7) Birch is the national symbol of Finland. In Finland, birch leaves are widely used for tea. The birch is also the national tree of Russia. 8) Birch sap is used as a sugar substitute in Sweden. 9) Native Americans used the outer bark of birch trees to cover wigwams. 10) In one year, a “mature” birch produces about 1 million seeds.

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