How to keep your teeth healthy and white

Beautiful strong teeth are not a dream, but an attainable desire. Woman’s Day has found that keeping your teeth in perfect condition can be done without unnecessary expense and effort. You just need to take note of nine important rules.

How to keep your teeth healthy

No matter how much dentists do research, the result comes down to one thing: the main cause of inflammation in the oral cavity is dental plaque. And it’s not so easy to get rid of it. Expensive brushes, chewing gum, and mouthwash are important, but not essential. Plaque can be defeated with a regular brush, the main thing is to follow 9 rules.

  1. It is necessary to brush not only the teeth, but also the tongue and cheeks. Bacteria accumulate here as actively as on teeth.

  2. The toothbrush needs to be changed every three months. Change your toothpaste regularly as well.

  3. Change your toothpaste regularly. The body gets used to a certain set of active ingredients and ceases to perceive them.

  4. Brush your teeth after breakfast in the morning and before bed in the evening.

  5. Make it a rule to rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal – especially after sweet and sour foods. For this, plain water is enough.

  6. Use dental floss to remove food debris. A toothpick can injure the mucous membrane.

  7. Use chewing gum after meals if desired. It absorbs toxins and removes soft plaque from teeth. The main thing is to chew it for no longer than 15 minutes.

  8. Use an antibacterial rinse if possible.

  9. Get an oral irrigator. It effectively cleans the spaces between teeth and periodontal folds. The powerful pulsating water pressure massages the gums, improving blood circulation.

What is harmful and what is good for teeth

The right food

Most of all, our teeth need calcium. This chemical element provides the strength of the enamel. A sufficient amount of calcium is found in dairy products, fish, beans, beets, spinach. The water that we drink and in which we prepare all these healthy products is also important. Pay attention to this.

For teeth to be strong, they need to be trained. Eat hard vegetables and fruits more often: gnaw on carrots and apples.

Harmful drinks

What is more harmful to your teeth – tea or coffee? In fact, both, as well as berry juices, red wine and other drinks that contain coloring pigments. However, they do not harm the tooth enamel, but only stain the plaque. What’s really bad is carbonated drinks. These contain phosphoric acid, which “etches” tooth enamel.

Dentist help

From time to time, teeth, even healthy ones, need professional care. It is provided by hygienists. They will clean, remove tartar and cover the teeth with a special protective compound that will last for at least six months. But do not once again whiten your teeth with compounds containing hydrogen peroxide. Any impact affects the strength of the teeth.

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