Video of the meeting with yogacharya Sadhashiva (India) “Practice of kriya yoga is the path to enlightenment”

In the Sadhashiva Seminar, we discussed the topic of transformation that is the result of Kriya Yoga. The master spoke in detail about the basic concepts of kriya yoga and conducted a short meditation, which allowed me to feel the effect of this practice.

Sadhashiva is a yogacharya who practices the unique techniques of tantra and kundalini yoga. He studied from an early age with famous yoga teachers: Swami Bramananda Giri, Swami Janakanda, a master of kundalini yoga, in his ashram in Sweden, Swami Anandakapila Saraswati, a famous successor to the traditions of Bengali kriya yoga, and was initiated by Paramahamsa Niranjananda himself, a follower of Paramahamsa Satyananda, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga.

We invite you to watch the video of the meeting.

Video: Svyatozar of Naples.

Thank you for your help in organizing the meeting Ayurveda Center “Kerala”.

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