What can affect the taste of food?


The final taste of a dish depends on the ingredients and methods of processing. However, the taste of the meal also affects our sense of taste. What can completely change our view of familiar dishes?


What can affect the taste of food?

Yes, the plane food seems tasteless, which is why the height serves only a limited number of products capable of a little bit absorbed by our body. Our taste in conditions of low pressure in the sky is dulled. Plus, in the aircraft that is dehydrated air — this reduces the sense of smell. To with appetite to eat on the plane, it is better to prefer spicy and sour tastes. Sweet and salty, most likely, will seem too fresh.


What can affect the taste of food?

Not the last role in the perception of the taste of food plays a hearing. In a series of experiments, scientists Zampini Massimiliano and Charles Spence showed that food in noisy environments is less salty and less sweet. And under the loud sounds, food seams crisper.

Once it became clear that high-frequency sounds enhance food’s sweetness and low frequency, bass — bitter. But if during the meal loud slurp, then any food looks more delicious.

Coffee chain Starbucks has used these findings and ordered a special musical selection for its customers, including Puccini and Amy Winehouse’s compositions.


What can affect the taste of food?

Of course, the dishes and the color play an important role in the perception of food – it can enhance and suppress the appetite. World-renowned Spanish chef Ferran adrià found that the same dessert, served on the white and black pot, is accepted differently: in the first case, it seems sweeter. The difference is also felt when serving the dishes of different shapes: the traditional round dessert plates sweeter than angular.

Psychologists have found that the confusion and mess on the plate hurt the taste of meat, poultry, and fish. But vegetables and fruits, to the contrary, in this chaos, seem tastier. The use of a knife during a meal enhances the saltiness of the dishes.


What can affect the taste of food?

The olfaction influences 80% of taste sensations. Know which food seems tasteless during a bad cold.

The researcher’s experimented and found that the taste of food in the brain becomes saltier if the smell of other salty foods accompanies it. So the cheese seems saltier with the smell of canned sardines.



What can affect the taste of food?

Researchers in neurohistology established that the human senses are always associated environment and the taste of the food.

Regular wine drinking on the top of the Eiffel tower might seem the drink of the Gods, and cheap whisky in the Scottish Chateau, with a wood-burning fireplace and creaking floors, will be perceived as a sophisticated drink. In the restaurant of Georgian cuisine, kebabs are delicious and juicy, and the sounds of the surf will highly appreciate the seafood.


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