How to clean your hands from oil?

How to clean your hands from oil?

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Mushroom juice makes hands dirty brown if picked and cleaned without gloves. How do I get stubborn dirt off my hands after cleaning? And especially your fingertips? It is important to quickly wash away dirt stains, otherwise they will not be able to remove for several days. Soap is not suitable for this, it is better to choose one of these means:

  1. if your hands are not very dirty, just wet them and wipe them off with a pumice stone;
  2. squeeze the juice from finely chopped sorrel leaves and apply to dirty skin;
  3. try a powder like “Comet” – gently rubbing it with dirty fingertips;
  4. Add 10 g of citric acid to warm water and dip your hands into it, or simply rub them with lemon juice;
  5. Mix 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water, put your hands there for no more than 10 minutes, add 3 tsp to the solution. baking soda and hold your hands in it again, wash off stains with a washcloth or sponge;
  6. If there is no allergy, dilute 2 tbsp. l. dishwashing detergents in 0,5 liters of water, immerse your hands there for 5-7 minutes, then wash them with a sponge;
  7. Wipe hands with nail polish remover or acetone, rinse with water.

After cleansing the skin with any of these methods, wash your hands thoroughly under running water and moisturize the skin with a cream. And of course, henceforth, when processing oils, thin gloves and special brushes should be used to reduce the degree of hand contamination.

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