What to do if there is too much rice in pilaf?

What to do if there is too much rice in pilaf?

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There may be too much rice in pilaf and purely by accident: for example, the meat is very fried, or it suddenly turned out that there are not enough spices for such an amount of rice. Calm, only calm. Even if the proportions of pilaf are greatly overbalanced in favor of rice, pilaf can still be saved and cooking back on track.

If you notice too much rice in the middle of cooking, then you should take a large spoon and put the cereal in another pan. Otherwise, under its own weight, rice runs the risk of turning into porridge. This surplus rice can be boiled separately and then frozen for a great flavorful side dish in the future.

If you notice that there is a lot of rice in pilaf compared to meat and vegetables after cooking, then it is important not to mix the pilaf. Set aside the garlic, and take the boiled rice and freeze it too. Even a vegetable soup with such aromatic rice will be satisfying.

And we remind you that the proportions in pilaf – for every kilogram of rice, 1 kilogram of meat, excluding the fat tail and the bone, if any.

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