Interesting facts about cobras

There are about 270 species of snakes in the world, including cobras and their relatives adders, mambas, taipans and others. The so-called true cobras are represented by 28 species. Typically, their habitat is hot tropical climates, but they can also be found in the savannas, forests, and agricultural areas of Africa and South Asia. Cobras prefer to be underground, under rocks and in trees. 1. Most cobras are shy and tend to hide when people are around. The only exception is the king cobra, which is aggressive when confronted with it. 2. Cobra is the only snake in the world that spits out its venom. 3. Cobras have a “Jacobson’s organ” (like most snakes), thanks to which their sense of smell is very developed. They are able to sense the slightest changes in temperature, which helps them track their prey at night. 4. Their weight varies from species to species – from 100 g for typical African collared, up to 16 kg for large king cobras. 5. In the wild, cobras have an average lifespan of 20 years. 6. By itself, this snake is not poisonous, but its secret is poisonous. This means that the cobra is edible for those predators who dare to attack it. Everything but the poison in its pouch. 7. Cobras are happy to devour birds, fish, frogs, toads, lizards, eggs and chicks, as well as mammals such as rabbits, rats. 8. Natural predators of the cobra include mongooses and several large birds such as the secretary bird. 9. Cobras are revered in India and Southeast Asia. Hindus consider the cobra to be a manifestation of Shiva, the God of destruction and rebirth. According to the history of Buddhism, a massive cobra with its hood protected the Buddha from the sun while he was meditating. Cobra statues and images can be seen in front of many Buddhist and Hindu temples. King cobras are also revered as a Sun Deity and are associated with rain, thunder and fertility. 10. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake on earth. Its average length is 5,5 meters.

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