How long sugar is in strawberry jam?

How long sugar is in strawberry jam?

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The usual proportions of sugar and fruits – 1: 1 – are not always relevant when making strawberry jam. Much more important is the sweetness and juiciness of the berry. If the berry is sweet and dense, you can deviate from the rule and cook in a 1: 0,7 ratio. In this case, the jam will be well stored, and the berries in the blank will be tamped in dense rows into jars. But if the berry is juicy, but not very sweet, then there will be a lot of syrup, and it will either need to be boiled down to make the jam thicker, or thickened by adding a large amount of sugar. Long boiling is not good for the jam, and a large amount of syrup spoils its appearance. This is where you can vary the consistency of the jam with the amount of sugar – sometimes you have to add 1,5 kilograms of granulated sugar for every kilogram of strawberries. There is another option – to use pectin instead of sugar as a thickener. Of course, the syrup in this case will not go anywhere – it will simply become thick, jelly-like, but this often saves the situation. In this case, you can add much less sugar, but the safety of the workpiece will only become higher. Continuing the topic, read on how to add pectin to jam.

Sometimes, for various reasons, you need to add less sugar to strawberries than usual – for example, 1: 0,5. Then just store the jam in the refrigerator so as not to risk its safety.

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