Mysteries of cooking


Our ancestors many hundreds of years ago recognized only vegetarian, vegetable, and even dairy nutrition as complete. Initiated into the subtle laws of the universe, they knew about the perniciousness of meat-eating. Those who have a taste for meat will, of course, oppose this statement and bring other arguments. Yes, there were in the ancient tribes that inhabited the territory of European Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe many centuries ago, customs and rituals that included meat food, but they were used in exceptional cases.

Sometimes a bear was killed in order to win the war against the wicked. But then the warriors performed very severe cleansing austerities. That’s not what we’re talking about now. Now I would like to offer an article that talks about ancient, wise approaches to cooking. How to apply these rules in modern conditions. The people in Rus’ who knew the truth knew about these rules. Note that meat is not even mentioned as a beneficial food. Meat would destroy any harmony of the clan, family and relationships, and there would be no need to talk about any of the following.

This article talks about the women’s sacraments of cooking, how the process of cooking affects the minds of men and the nature of family relationships. A woman is the keeper of the hearth, comfort and coziness in the house. A man provides the house and family with the necessary resources, creates external protection, and a woman rules in the center of a space protected from adversity. In fact, a woman does not just prepare food, she prepares her future. And the tastier she cooks, the more happy the future will be waiting for her.

And we will start with bread, which is the head of everything.

Kneading the dough has a deep sacred meaning. Previously, only Bolshukha, the eldest woman in the house, baked bread in the family. Why? Flour, water, salt and spices are the relationship of spouses, relatives and their children. The longer and better you knead them, the stronger the family and the more united the relationship will become. If kneading is poor quality, then there will be no deep connection, and family members will be each on their own.

A woman needs to put all her love and care into the process of kneading the dough. So she forms a space of happiness for her family. Flour represents the stars, salt represents the sun, spices represent the auspicious qualities of the planets, and the finished dish represents the star path of the family.

The fire on which food is cooked represents fate. Care must be taken not to burn the food. If this did happen, then the fire wants the woman to repeat the meditative process of preparation. It is very auspicious when a wife calls her husband to the kitchen to light a fire. This brings a sacred atmosphere to the cooking process. The fire lit by the husband will help the woman in cooking and protect her from bad luck.

It is important in what rhythm a woman cooks. If a woman cooks food slowly, then a man will want a long-term relationship with her. But, if she is in a hurry or even neglects this duty, then the man will not have permanent feelings either. Women, remember: if there is no food in the kitchen, then the man will soon stop thinking about you, and your relationship will turn into hasty relationships.

A variety of foods keep relationships interesting. But if the food is monotonous, then the relationship becomes dry and boring. Each additional dish is a gift for the husband, causing in his mind a reciprocal desire to give you gifts. How tasty the food will be, how rich the gift your spouse will want to give you. The ratio of effort is: A well-prepared dinner for a husband seven times arouses in his mind the desire to give one gift. Therefore, a woman needs to wait for the accumulation of a positive attitude in the mind of a man and tell about her desires.

Pay special attention to your dining table. The table is the palm of God with which we feed. Your life will look like your dining table. Decorate it as best you can, and your life will also become tasty and beautiful. The less empty space on the table, the less often you will experience a state of emptiness. An empty seat indicates that you are not ready to give all your heart to the family. Fill the table completely so that in your heart there is no void and no place for sad thoughts and painful desires.

The real beauty of a woman is also expressed in the beauty of her culinary arts. This is its inner essence, and so you can understand its nature. From a simple dinner in the house of the future wife, one can easily guess what threatens a man for the rest of his life.

How does this or that dish affect our life?

A full and buttery lunch makes life even and calm, a man successful and attentive, a woman beautiful and sensual, and children reasonable and obedient.

Spicy dishes cause turbulent relationships and constant change; life is filled with vivid feelings and experiences.

Lunch is salty and monotonous leads to reasonableness and sufficient independence.

The predominance of flour products makes life protected from adversity and failure.

If everything cooked is colorful and pleasing to the eye, then family life is filled with colors and can satisfy all the needs of each family member.

But meat, no matter how it is cooked, leads to laziness and anger, to strife between family members, to their failure to fulfill their duties, to premature aging and many diseases. Even the fish that ended up on the dinner table or being eaten leads to melancholy and melancholy, poverty in the house and loss of understanding between the closest people.

When a woman prepares a rich dinner containing ghee, fresh vegetables, spices and dairy products, wealth and prosperity await such a family. It is believed that the Goddess of love and prosperity herself eats food with the members of this family at the same table.

A woman needs to remember that while mixing food, she should wish happiness to all family members and meditate on strong relationships. By stirring food clockwise and adding salt, sugar and spices, a woman lays the image of desires for herself, her husband and children. Stirring food counter-clockwise is dangerous, as in esoteric practices this is used to cause a break in relationships. But if this is for the good of the husband (and this happens often), then you can try, but do not get carried away with it, it is better to sit down and talk with your husband about the existing problems.

Food becomes delicious for those who are very hungry. Therefore, a woman should not enter into the habit of frequent snacking. Infrequent, but full-fledged meals will help keep the taste of feeling for family life for a long time. Otherwise, the taste of food will gradually depreciate, and your relationship, as a result, will gradually get upset. Everyone will be looking for a new taste on the side.

The taste of food is in our attitude towards it. You can eat delicious foods, but if we are irritated and worried, then even the most delicious dishes will seem tasteless, moreover, they will become poison. Eating should only be done in a calm state of mind.This is what a woman should take care of. All active activities at lunchtime must be cancelled.

TVs, phones, computers are off. Newspapers are put aside, books are closed, business is stopped so that for one hour they could not be remembered. Such concentration on food intake will lead to the improvement of the physical and mental state of all family members. In this case, the woman acts as a doctor, and the health of her loved ones will depend on her determination. If she does not take care of this, chronic diseases will gradually appear in the family, and she herself will constantly feel unwell.

Modern psychological research has proven that delicious food, pleasant music and love feelings affect the same areas of the brain. Do you want love in the house? Then let pleasant music always play in it and fragrant and attractive food be prepared. In addition, the sight of a beautiful and well-groomed woman is associated with a center in the brain that is responsible in a man for the desire to earn money. That’s why A woman always needs to look beautiful. This is her strength, and this is the protection of her family from ruin. Nothing can cope with male laziness except the natural beauty of a woman. If you follow these rules, the feelings of relatives and friends will be filled with love and friendliness.

With impaired digestion, which now occurs in almost all people, it is best to cook what you most want and at home. It is advisable to refuse semi-finished products and ready-made food. Why? Because it is very important for digestion that food is liked and prepared with love. Our taste is determined by our individual body structure. And when the state of the body is out of balance, then the taste changes in such a way as to regulate the disturbed balance of energies.

This is exactly what the wife-mistress needs to take care of, who wants to bring pleasure and health to all members of her family. You can hardly expect a good mood from the same dish for a month or sometimes even a lifetime.

Milk is responsible for the sweetness of relationships. A bad attitude is likened to a process that turns milk into curdled milk. Then the woman becomes “sour”, and the relationship with her becomes purely business. Women, remember: milk can be easily turned into curdled milk, and even yogis and magicians cannot turn curdled milk into milk. There should be plenty of milk in the house, because milk is liquid happiness.

Greenery is soothing and pleasing to the eye. The presence of greens in food makes everyone happy and satisfied. In addition, greenery hides shortcomings in cooking with an inexperienced hostess, and with an experienced one, it emphasizes the charm of dishes.

Bread and grain products reduce depression in family members, especially in winter. Properly and lovingly cooked pastries will relieve stress, psychological stress and restless behavior. This is the best prevention of nervous breakdowns. In a family where pies are constantly baked, you rarely see spouses yelling at each other. They beckon to themselves, having an attractive appearance, a variety of taste and smell.

Vegetables and fruits they want to change their habitat, and the person wants to enjoy a sublime taste, and both get what they want. Such food becomes a real gift and is suitable for safe consumption.

Clean dishes speak of the purity of a woman’s consciousness. When a woman launders household dishes, she launders her heart from all negative desires. This is the surest way to achieve happiness in family life. But in today’s family, no one wants to do the dishes. Dishes not washed at night are equivalent to the front door not closed at night. Happiness and wealth will leave this family. A good housewife will not tolerate dirty dishes even during cooking – this is her contribution to the well-being of the family. Dishes have a special attraction. A clean one attracts good luck to the house, and a dirty one brings misfortune. So you can easily determine whether happiness lives in this house.

When a woman buys groceries, she gets days of happiness for her family in the future. Each fresh, beautiful, ripe and pleasantly smelling vegetable or fruit is a day of a happy and peaceful life. The man, for his part, must provide the woman with money so that she can choose quality products in the market. A family that saves on groceries becomes poor and unhappy, because saving on groceries means saving on your own happiness. However, large unjustified expenses can also ruin the whole thing. Overspending leads to laziness. Children and husband will not want to actively work for the common good. So in this case, stick to the golden mean.

If the writing is not sanctified with a kind word of prayer, it will become dark and lead to clouding of the mind. Just as a person stumbles and falls in the dark, so family members, having eaten unsanctified food, will constantly do stupid things and make wrong decisions. The husband will confuse other women with his wife and spend money on rash projects. Children will go astray. Light the way for your family by consecrating your food with the light of your heart and a kind word. By the way, it is useless to consecrate meat food. Light and kind energy will not stick to her. There will be no grace in it.

A good hostess has no food left. If this happens, then it is tasteless. According to ancient beliefs, the one who throws out the leftovers of food, throws out his luck. It is necessary to cook and eat so that the food does not go to waste. Don’t eat it all at once, save some for later. The eyes are two and the stomach is one, so put in as much as your eyes like and separate exactly half. It’s just the right amount for your stomach. And if you still can’t eat, feed any person or animal.

We can express the hope that these little female secrets will help you make the process of cooking conscious, and your life happy.

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