What can you say thanks to feminists for (even if you are far from feminism)

Let’s immediately distinguish between the concepts of “etiquette” and “feminism”. Opening a door for a woman, giving a hand at the right moment, paying on a date is etiquette. The ability to open the door to yourself in the presence of men or pay for yourself is already feminism (or a bad character, or something else that is not at all related to this article). Once again I repeat – an opportunity, not a necessity! No feminist protests against care and attention.

So, what modern girls would be deprived of if feminism did not interfere in world history:

1. Independent travel, as well as simple unaccompanied walks.

2. Opportunities to shine on these trips in a charming bikini on the beach.

3. Of course, the opportunity to post your photo in a charming bikini on social networks.

4. Most likely, they would not even have the right to register on social networks.

5. Work, if it’s not housework. This is exactly the claim that is most often made against feminists. I will not hide, and I am visited by thoughts that my place is rather at the stove than in the office. But it wouldn’t work at all. Even if you really want to. Even if you consider it not a job, but a calling. Take Jane Austen. She was a very progressive girl for her time when she began publishing the novels she had written.

6. And for the above reason, modern girls would not be able to get an appointment with a female doctor. And sometimes it’s much more comfortable, right?

7. Every year, about 55 million women terminate their pregnancies. In a sterile medical office, and not secretly with the help of dubious specialists. Let’s leave the moral component of this question. Each of them had their own reason for making this choice.

8. Thanks to feminism, we also have paid maternity leave (were you still convinced that feminists don’t need a family?)

9. We would not be able to enjoy the performances of tennis players, biathletes, gymnasts and other athletes. Women in the Olympics, like women in amateur sports, are a legacy of feminism.

This list can be continued and developed for a long time: the achievements of feminism also include the right to education, to divorce, the ability to fight against domestic violence … Of course, here, as in any other social trend, there are people who go too far and narrow things down to absurdity. But today let’s pay attention to the good that we have thanks to the work of feminists. After all, it seems that we live quite well?

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