How to choose the right yogurt?


Here are 5 tips for choosing the best yogurt: 

1. There should not be any food chemical additives in yogurt – only natural ingredients, namely: milk, sourdough, fruits (or other natural fillers) and, possibly, sugar or honey!

2. Quality yogurt should be packed in glass containers. The fact is that yogurt is an acidic environment, and when interacting with plastic packaging, polymer compounds get from the packaging into the yogurt itself.

3. Fruit yogurt should contain fresh fruit. Only fresh fruits guarantee that yogurt will not contain preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Even fruit jam (essentially fruit jam) usually contains chemical additives to extend the shelf life and maintain the desired consistency. At the same time, they are not indicated in the composition of yogurt, and the buyer always runs the risk of tasting unwanted additives. In addition, fresh fruits contain many times more useful substances – vitamins and amino acids. 

4. Yogurt must be alive – with a shelf life of no more than 5 days! Yogurt is useful because it contains live lactic acid bacteria, which are so beneficial for the human digestive system. But in order to make the shelf life of yogurt more than 5 days, it is necessary to subject the finished yogurt to pasteurization (heating to a temperature of 70-90 degrees). In this case, lactic acid bacteria begin to die and their activity drops very much. Pasteurized yogurt is essentially dead yogurt. 

5. And the last thing – it must be tasty to ensure a good mood! 

Where can you find the perfect yogurt? You can do it yourself!

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