Going Vegan: 12 Life Hacks

1. Looking for motivation

How to successfully go vegan? Motivate yourself! Watching various videos on the Internet helps a lot. These can be cooking videos, master classes, vlogs with personal experience. This is especially important when someone thinks that veganism hurts a person.

2. Find your favorite vegan recipes

Love lasagna? Can’t imagine life without a juicy burger? Ice cream on the weekends has become a tradition? Look for herbal recipes for your favorite dishes! Now nothing is impossible, the Internet offers a huge number of options for the same lasagna, burgers and ice cream without the use of animal products. Do not infringe on yourself, choose a replacement!

3. Find a mentor

There are many organizations and services that offer mentor programs for a new type of nutrition for you. You can write to him, and he will definitely give you advice and support. If you already feel like an expert in veganism, sign up and become a mentor yourself. You can become a health promoter by helping someone else.

4. Join social media communities

There are a billion vegan groups and communities on Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks. This is helpful because you can find like-minded people and connect with other vegans. People post recipes, tips, news, articles, answers to popular questions. A huge variety of such groups will give you the opportunity to find the place that suits you best.

5. Experiment in the kitchen

Use random plant foods you have in your kitchen and make something completely new with them! Find vegan recipes but add your other ingredients and spices to them. Make cooking fun and exciting!

6. Try new brands

If you’re buying plant-based milk or tofu from one brand, it makes sense to try what other brands offer. It happens that you buy vegan cream cheese and think that now you hate plant-based cheese in general. However, different brands make different products. Most likely, through trial and error, you will find your favorite brand.

7. Try new food

Many people consider themselves picky about food choices prior to switching to a plant-based diet. However, then they discover food for themselves, which they could not even think of. Beans, tofu, various types of sweets made from plants – this seems wild to the meat eater. So try new things, let your taste buds decide for themselves what they like best.

8. Explore Tofu

Research? Yes! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Tofu is a versatile product that can be used to prepare breakfasts, hot dishes, snacks and even desserts. It can be turned into an analogue of ricotta, pudding, or simply seasoned and fried or baked. Tofu absorbs the flavors and flavors you flavor it with. You can try it in different Asian restaurants where they know exactly how to handle it. Explore this product to turn it into something magical!

9. Have the Facts Ready

Vegans are often bombarded with questions and accusations. Sometimes people are just curious, sometimes they want to argue and convince you, and sometimes they ask for advice because they themselves are thinking of switching to a lifestyle that is unfamiliar to them. Learn some facts about the benefits of a plant-based diet so that you can correctly answer the questions of those who are not yet privy to this topic.

10. Read labels

Learn to read the labels of food, clothing and cosmetics, and look for warnings about possible allergic reactions. Usually the packages indicate that the product may contain traces of eggs and lactose. Some manufacturers put a vegetarian or vegan label, but it’s still important to read what ingredients are in the ingredients. We will talk more about this in the next article.

11. Look for products

A simple Google can help you find vegan food, cosmetics, clothes, and shoes. You can even create a discussion thread on some social network where vegans can share different foods.

12. Don’t be afraid to take the time to transition.

The best transition is a slow transition. This applies to any power system. If you are determined to become a vegan, but now your diet contains animal products, you should not immediately rush into all serious. Gradually give up some products, let the body get used to the new. Do not be afraid to spend even a few years on it. A smooth transition will make it possible to avoid health and nervous system problems.

Veganism is not about cultivation, dieting, or cleansing your body. This is a chance to make the world a better place. You are a person who has the right to make mistakes. Just move forward as much as possible.


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