I save the corpse through the Internet?

A team of young Russian engineers has developed. With its help, foresters of national parks indicate the territories where the forest has died, and ordinary people participate in the collective restoration of forests in these territories via the Internet.

How can you plant a tree via the Internet? It works as follows: a representative of any company and just a conscious citizen can register on the project website or download a special application to a smartphone. After that, he gets access to the map, on which all areas available for planting trees are marked. Next, the forest is planted “in three clicks”: the user selects a national park on the map, enters the required amount, and presses the “plant” button. After that, the order goes to a professional forester, who will prepare the soil, buy seedlings, plant the forest and take care of it for 5 years. The forester will talk about the fate of the planted forest and all the stages of caring for it on the project website.

A distinctive feature of the project is the acceptable cost of services. What does it depend on? The cost of restoring the forest is indicated by the forester himself. It depends on the complexity of the project, the availability of seedlings in the region, the prices for all types of work and consumables. Planting and five-year care for one tree costs around 30-40 rubles. The type of trees is determined by the forester, based on knowledge of which trees have historically grown in the area and which species is needed to restore the disturbed ecosystem. For planting, seedlings are used – young trees of two to three years, which take root much better than mature trees. The seedlings are supplied by the best forest nursery in the region, which is selected by the forester.

Only after the funds are collected and all the lots of the site are occupied, the planting of trees will begin. The forest ranger will determine the exact date based on weather conditions, as well as the results of the occupancy of the site, and will report this on the website approximately two weeks before planting.

It is very important that the planted trees will not die and will not be cut down. The project is engaged in the restoration of forests in the National Parks, which have the status of Specially Protected Natural Areas. Logging in national parks is prohibited and punishable by law. Now the creators of the project are working on the possibility in the near future to plant trees not only in national parks, but also in ordinary forests and cities.

After planting the forest, the user can use the data about it in any cartographic system. National parks are accessible to the public, therefore, having the exact coordinates of the forest, you can visit the planted forest immediately after planting, and after 10, and even after 50 years!

turned tree planting into an original, useful and eco-friendly gift. Moreover, you can plant a tree both remotely and in person.

The goal of the project is to restore forests damaged by fires and increase the number of green spaces in Russia. The creators of the project have set an ambitious goal – to plant a billion trees, since these trees are necessary for humanity in the future.

It works like this: anyone can choose the type of tree and the area suitable for him to plant. After that, you need to pay the cost of the certificate – planting one tree costs from 100-150 rubles. After the order is processed, a personal certificate is sent to the e-mail. A tree will be planted in places requiring restoration and a tag will be attached with the number indicated in the certificate. The customer receives GPS coordinates and photographs of the planted tree by e-mail.

Yes, now, at the beginning of summer, we still don’t think about the New Year holidays at all. But you should definitely take this idea into service and remember such a wonderful undertaking on New Year’s Eve! Here is what the organizers themselves say about their idea of ​​saving the fir trees: “The ECOYELLA project offers live Christmas trees in pots. We carefully dig up the most beautiful Christmas trees in those places where they are doomed to destruction – under power lines, along gas and oil pipelines – while choosing the most beautiful and fluffy ones. We try to save trees for future generations, so after the New Year holidays we plant them in nature. Those. we save Christmas trees and give them a chance to survive.

We want all our Christmas trees to go only to good families. If you forget to water a cut tree, it will wither and fall off a week earlier, but if you forget to water a living tree, the next few generations will not have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a majestic tree.”

The creators of “green” projects give us the opportunity to plant trees – by ourselves or remotely, give trees to each other for a reason and just like that, as well as – save New Year’s beautiful Christmas trees and give them a new life! Each new tree is a step towards a healthier future for us and our children. Let’s support eco-friendly, useful projects and make our world brighter and the air cleaner!

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