Top 5 Vegetarian Foods for a Beautiful Voice

Jeanne, how does singing affect appearance?

When singing, only a fifth of the sound waves go out, the rest is directed inward. These vibrations stimulate the work of the abdominal organs and contribute to a kind of massage of the liver and intestines, train the diaphragm. As a result, the process of digestion and elimination of toxins is accelerated, the process of ventilation of the lungs improves. In addition, a singing person actively works with the muscles of the face and neck, which increases skin tone and preserves the shape of the face. Even in adulthood, artists often look younger than their peers. 

That is, if you sing every day, you will live longer?

Exactly. The main thing that beginner vocalists are taught is proper breathing and self-control. That is why there are so many centenarians among opera performers. So if you want to look and feel younger, sing along! And right from the morning. The Japanese invented karaoke to deal with stress in this way. And it works. After all, when a person sings, his brain produces endorphins, called hormones of joy. Singing along to the radio or TV in the morning will set you up for a positive day. 

What products can “kill” the voice?

Usually the diet of singers is built so as not to harm the vocal cords. The first product that should be excluded is alcohol in any form. No matter what they say about liberation, removing clamps and other things, strong drinks adversely affect the voice. It’s all about the alcohol they contain. Try rubbing your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub and you will immediately feel how dry your skin has become. The same thing happens with links. When you drink alcohol, they become denser and thicker, and the voice becomes rougher.

They can also harm bulk products, crackers, seeds, nuts. These are real “glass shards” for your throat. They scratch the larynx, and their particles remain on the vocal cords. As a result, the elasticity of soft tissues decreases, the voice becomes hoarse, loses volume and density. Instead of a softly pouring sound, you only feel the urge to clear your throat or drink water.

Third – chocolate and candy. They say that if there is a lot of sweets, then the fifth point will stick together. I assure you, this is true not only for this part of the body. Ligaments stick together from chocolate, and the sound is not so clear. The voice becomes less expressive and rich. Therefore, sweets should be eaten only after the performance, and then not earlier than an hour later.

Sweet drinks – also impossible. Chemical elements and harmful dyes burn the vocal cords, while sweets dry and stick them together. If ice is added to a glass of a drink, this has a shocking effect on the throat, which leads to perspiration, increased sputum, and sometimes to a complete loss of voice.

Coffee Tea – prohibited. It is difficult for us to imagine life without them, but, alas, these drinks dry our throats and do not allow us to sing in a high clear voice. Tea, among other things, has astringent properties, which also does not contribute to the full functioning of the ligaments.

Top 5 Healthy Voice Products 

1) Cereals: rice, buckwheat and others

They remove harmful substances from the body and contain a large amount of useful substances both for the whole body and for the voice. Another plus is that cereals are easily digested, so they can avoid the occurrence of heaviness in the stomach and other unpleasant consequences.

2) Broccoli

This vegetable is very rich in vitamin C, but unlike citrus fruits, it does not disturb the acidity of the mucosa. Vitamin C helps to increase the elasticity of soft tissues and helps with the production of canitin, a substance that gives a boost of energy, which is especially useful before a long performance.

3) Blueberries and other berries

The antioxidants found in blueberries improve the condition of the vocal cords, help keep the body in good shape, and effectively fight inflammation. Other berries are also suitable. For example, blackberries, olives, blue grapes.

4) Watermelon

This product is useful for those who cannot force themselves to drink enough water per day. As you know, dryness in the throat is the main enemy of a sonorous voice. In addition, the dietary fiber contained in watermelon provides quick satiety, the stomach becomes full, but not full, so it is very easy to speak or sing.

5) Green apples

Valuable, first of all, because of the presence of iron and vitamin C. This “bundle” maintains the stability of the immune system, therefore, the risk of colds is reduced, and the voice does not rattle from the slightest drafts and dampness. Malic acid makes vocals clearer and more sonorous. 



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