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Well, who among us does not like a freshly fried cutlet or meat on a rib. In order to make them tasty and juicy, such a culinary technique as frying is used. However, there are two types of frying: in a pan and over an open fire. In this article, we will touch on frying with a frying pan.

Frying in a pan is good only if the product being processed does not burn and does not taste bad. This can be achieved using oil or lard. Now let’s see how they differ.


The oils used for frying are predominantly of vegetable origin. These include: sunflower, corn, olive, peanut and cottonseed oil. Salom is also called animal oils. These include lard, lamb fat, and other less common fats.


In order to fry foods with oils, you need to take care that the amount of oil used corresponds to one serving of the product. This requirement is consistent with the environmental safety of a person. Oils taken in an amount exceeding the required amount, during subsequent use, as it is not difficult to guess, are reheated, as a result of which a chemical reaction called polymerization begins, and the oil subjected to it becomes drying oil. But no one will agree to eat drying oil. The same property of oil also applies to deep-fried cooking.

As for the varieties of oils, the cheapest is, as you might guess, ordinary sunflower oil. However, in order for the foods cooked on it to be beneficial to the body, the oil must have the following characteristics:

  • Environmental friendliness. No heavy metals.
  • Should not contain water.
  • Without smell.

Now let’s take a closer look at all these requirements.

Due to the fact that the fields of sunflower are located near roads, the oil in the seeds is rich in heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, strontium. This is due to the fact that the exhaust gases of passing vehicles are rich in all of these compounds. The sunflower, by its nature, draws in up to a bucket of water during the day. And the substances that got into the soil from the exhaust gases are automatically included in the oil obtained from such sunflower. The only way to avoid consuming these metals is to buy refined butter.


In terms of moisture, freshly squeezed oil is rich in water. As a result of frying in such oil, burns are possible caused by the “shooting” of the oil. In order not to shoot a little, it must be completely separated from the water.

Smell. As you know, freshly squeezed oil has a characteristic sunflower aroma. Depending on the variety, collection time and air humidity, the odor may vary in intensity. When frying, the aromatic components undergo destruction, and the product, fried in such oil, acquires a very unpleasant aroma.

Therefore, the best choice of oil for frying is refined, dehydrated and deodorized oil. Experts, for example, advise the use of oils that have several degrees of purification. Better seven. The product obtained by frying in such oil has a smell peculiar to it.


Other oils are also good for frying. The only condition for their use is the need not to overheat them.

As for frying in lard, its use has a beneficial effect on the body only if it is not overheated. When overheated, carcinogenic compounds are formed. Therefore, in order to live happily ever after, you need to fry without exceeding the permissible rate, both for oil and lard.

Useful properties of food cooked in oil or lard

As a result of frying, foods acquire not only a pleasant aroma, but also their taste and nutritional qualities are improved. Thanks to this, they are easier for the body to absorb. Their components are easier to integrate into the general structure of the human body, due to which people who eat fried food have a healthier appearance compared to those who eat it only raw.


Dangerous properties of food cooked in oil or lard

With many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the use of fried is strictly contraindicated.

This is due to the fact that foods that have been fried in violation of the requirements of the above can provoke stomach ulcers, diverticulitis and even cancer. In addition, the fat used for frying contains high levels of cholesterol, which can cause a blockage in blood vessels called atherosclerosis.

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