From ancient times, such a method of cooking has come down to us as cooking… Archaeologists believe that ancient people invented it after cooking over a fire and roasting in ash. Numerous archaeological and ethnographic expeditions have finally managed to establish the way in which the ancients boiled their food. It turns out that for this they used stones with a depression, into which water was poured and foods intended for cooking were placed, and a fire was made around the stone. Also, stones heated in a fire were used for cooking, which were then dipped into dishes hollowed out of wood, previously filled with water.


Cookbooks say that cooking is the method of preparing food in any liquid or vapor medium, excluding oil. Most often this liquid is water, sometimes milk, juice.

General description of the method

Boiling is one of the more traditional ways of cooking. In this way, soups, compotes are prepared, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat are boiled. This method is an intermediate link in the canning of fruit, vegetable and canned meat. Today, there are several varieties of this method: the traditional method, fast cooking, cold cooking, simmering, and steam cooking.


Traditional way… It is used in everyday life for preparing first and many second courses. In order to cook food, it is necessary to lower previously prepared foods (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms or meat) into cold or hot water. The rest of the components of the selected dish are added during the preparation process, depending on the time required for their readiness.


So vegetables and mushrooms are usually cooked for an average of 25 minutes to 1,5 hours (for example, potatoes and beets); cereals from 15 to 50 minutes (depending on the variety); chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese from 45 to 90 minutes, respectively, meat, on average, is cooked from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

It is believed that in the case of preparing first courses and compotes, it is better to lower the necessary foods in cold water (all vitamins will remain in the broth); for preparing second courses from vegetables and cereals, water brought to a boil is better suited. It is believed that in this case, more vitamins will be retained in the foods themselves.

It is usually prepared by boiling over medium heat. It is important that the cooked product is covered with a small amount of water to retain the maximum amount of nutrients in it. So to boil poultry, you need to pour cold water, which will cover the bird only 0.5 centimeters, for meat you need 1 centimeter. In this case, do not forget to remove the foam when boiling.

Fast cooking… In the 30s of the last century, the method of cooking with the help of pressure cookers became widespread. This method is often used to quickly boil meat, vegetables, and homemade canned fish and meat. Thanks to the autoclaving effect, the cooking time of various dishes in pressure cookers is significantly reduced, and the bones found in meat and fish become edible.


Cold cooking… In 1977 in Sweden, thanks to the efforts of scientists, a unit for fast cooking in cold water was invented. Since then, Swedes have used the appliance to prepare large batches of food for hospitals, canteens and schools. Cold water is used as a conductor for such cooking. Thanks to this, the maximum amount of vitamins is preserved in food.

Languor… This option simulates cooking in a Russian oven. Since 1980, we have spread new electrical appliances for the kitchen – quiet cookers. Food, with their help, is cooked slowly, for 5-6 hours. But it is with this method of cooking that food is able to fully reveal its taste.

Steam cooking… It is considered the most beneficial way of cooking. In this way, vegetables, dough and cottage cheese foods, meat dishes are prepared. For example, we all know steam cutlets and meatballs. The good thing about steam cooking is that foods prepared in this way are gentle on the stomach.


Useful properties of boiled food

Let’s start with the first courses, which are very useful for almost everyone. For those wishing to gain the ideal weight, the French recommend eating vegetarian soups for dinner, and it is better if this is their famous onion soup.

The liquid creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach without overloading the digestive tract in the evening. In addition, especially if the first course is vegetarian and low-fat, metabolism is stimulated.

First courses are shown to everyone for the prevention of disorders in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and they are also necessary to maintain optimal water balance in the body.


Boiled dishes are indicated for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, allergies, dysbiosis, are prescribed for people weakened after an illness, are included in the daily diet of adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, soups, cereals, boiled lean meat form the basis of dietary nutrition, which is extremely necessary for everyone who cares about health. This is due to the fact that when we eat dry food, our stomach is exposed to high concentration of gastric juice, and the consumption of various soups, broths and borscht significantly reduces the risk of stomach ulcers.

Dangerous properties of cooked food

There is now an ambiguous attitude towards this method of cooking. Some believe that the method is useless, since it destroys up to 70% of vitamin C, and up to 40% of B vitamins.


Perhaps there is some truth in such a statement, but do not forget that by combining cooking methods, as well as using this method correctly, you can achieve a complete and balanced diet. In addition, for some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this method of cooking is considered to be more gentle and conducive to the speedy recovery of patients.

Other popular cooking methods:

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