How to control your appetite as a vegan

At the request of our dear readers, today we will cover the topic of how to control your appetite and look at some simple tips on how to stop thinking about food. After all, if we do not take power over the obsessive desire to eat, then it takes power over us – and this is definitely not what we need. It is important to be prepared to change some of your habits, daily rituals, and even some way of thinking.

  Morning meal is exactly what gives us a boost of energy for the first half of the day, which is considered the most productive. A full breakfast will stop us from constant mindless snacking until lunch time. It is worth recalling that it is advisable to carry out the first meal after 40-60 minutes. after waking up at 8-9 am. A 2013 study found a trend towards weight gain, hypertension, and insulin resistance in people who skip breakfast. Such people “catch up” with meals during the rest of the day.

No matter how funny it may sound, but we all know from practice: the larger the size of serving dishes, the more volume we are ready to eat. And the main factor here is, first of all, psychological, only then physical (stomach capacity).

Fitness, yoga, Pilates, and whatever else is a great way to lift your spirits, take your mind off food, and ease the effects of stress. In 2012, a study showed that moderate physical activity leads to a significant decrease in the activation of centers in the brain associated with thirst for food.

Overeating is a useless phenomenon that can be overcome if you approach eating with common sense and mindfulness. This also includes the full concentration of attention on food, not being distracted by television, newspapers, books, conversations. Chewing food quickly and being distracted by something else does not allow the brain to fully recognize the taste, as well as give enough time for the food to reach the stomach and signal that it is full. Atlanta nutritionist, Kristen Smith, recommends before swallowing. with a sudden feeling of hunger or a thoughtless feeling of the need to eat something – drink a glass of water, as an option, with lemon. Water not only fills your stomach, but also calms the nervous system.

maximum restriction in spices and salt. These additives stimulate the appetite and make us feel like we can and want to eat more, when in fact our body is already satisfied with the amount of food received.

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