Execution through food

Vnusnyashki-poisoners, or Execution through food

“To live in general is harmful” – this is what many people say when you tell them about certain harmful products. Now the question of food is completely different: food can be not only harmful, but also deadly!

All the “progress” of the food industry says one thing: take care of your health, because no one but you needs it. Unfortunately, even the thousandth repetition about the dangers of meat, about the unethical nature of eating dead animals, inveterate meat-eaters remain the same. There are also more reasonable ones, who, not finding the strength to abruptly switch to a vegetarian lifestyle, enter the meat-eater-lite mode: they eat fish.

Let doctors say whatever they want about fish, but dear meat-eaters… you won’t get it anyway! What is commonly called a fish, few people have access to. And everyone else should know that they spent money for the festive table not on a can of sprats, but on so many benzopyrene, which a person in a big city inhales with exhaust gases throughout the year! Salmon “from the heart” pumped up phosphatesso that the product retains moisture for a long time and has additional weight. And the fact that phosphates disrupt the balance of calcium and phosphorus, which leads to osteoporosis and the formation of kidney stones, is not written on the label. Yes, this happens with excessive phosphate intake. But where is the standard of safe measure? Who is it for, children or adults? No one will give an answer, but it is not needed. 

When visiting a restaurant, forget about healthy food. Even if you’re not a fan of oriental food, you can still get Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. Having “tasted” a bite, a person “for some reason” begins to feel weakness and drowsiness, feels chest pain, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms of use monosodium glutamate. It is needed so that any, even nasty food seems very tasty to you. 

Yes, the advocates of innovation correctly say that glutamate is present in the human body, it is needed for normal protein metabolism, and the child receives it from breast milk. But, again, this does not mean that it is now necessary to use it everywhere (monosodium glutamate is even in spices!), Its very abuse is that it is consumed. It is also important to emphasize that even natural nutritional supplements are not a reason to use them. 

Separately, it is worth mentioning ethics: after all, we must grow as individuals. Living for your stomach is not a man’s best choice. Nature cannot but react to the fact that people, having more than enough normal food, kill animals. And here is the result: “meat” toxins can rightfully be called weapons of mass destruction. Meat should have been banned by the UN convention long ago. But, apparently, someone really needs people to know less. 

Sugar deserves special attention. Less than a century ago, people did not even think that sugar would be white. They were happy to have him. There was even such an expression: “eat sugar at a glance.” A little later, sugar began to be purified … with charcoal from animal bones. Now natural brown sugar has become more “elite” and expensive, despite cheaper production. In confectionery and other products, the food industry began to use a cheaper analogue – various sweeteners, the harm of which is just beginning to be studied in depth. But the fact that sweeteners cause severe damage to health is a proven fact. 

To dispel the skepticism of critical readers, we note that even when it comes to useful products, people are practically not oriented in this topic either. For example, freshly squeezed juices. And the microbes haven’t settled on them yet, and behold, they’re squeezed right in front of you. Can there be anything bad? Probably, if juice were so necessary and useful for us, it would already be in nature. We need to eat vegetables and fruits without subjecting them to any processing, if possible. Freshly squeezed juice very sharply increases the level of insulin, and you can’t constantly scoff at the body like that! 

Remember that food should strengthen our health, prolong life, and not just please the taste buds. 

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