Facial cleansing

Dirt, carbon monoxide, dust, sulfur dioxide are deposited on the surface of the skin of the face. Plus makeup, nourishing creams and powder. All of these components are mixed, forming a mixture that takes the skin out of its usual balance. Dermatologists are seriously concerned about the increasing skin problems caused by ignorance of proper care, lack of cleansers and misuse of cleansers.

Many girls and women use day cream, do make-up on their face, however, do not use cleansers, as a result, red spots, acne and irritation form on the face. Do not think that if nature has endowed you with good skin, it does not require care. In what way, what and how often to do cleansing? What means to use, in what quantity? As you can see, there are many questions. Let’s try to answer them.

So, combination skin and oily skin can be cleaned well by foaming products such as gels or face lotions.

Owners of sensitive dry skin need to use cleansing milk. This neutral blend of grease and water is good at destroying dirt and sweat while still being gentle on the skin. Milk contains special oils that will additionally provide the skin with fat. The advantage of this product is that thanks to milk, dry skin does not lose moisture after washing, but acquires it.


For women over forty, it is ideal to use a mild, nutritious cleansing milk. “Age” skin is quite often dry, so it is she who needs funds that contain fat.

For normal skin types, cleansing with a foam or gel will suffice. However, it should be remembered that the gel for washing must be carefully removed from the face: first rinse the gel, and then rinse your face many times.

Dermatologists have proven that the residence time of cleansers on the skin should not exceed 20 seconds. This duration is sufficient for their effective impact. Applying for a longer period of time is harmful to the skin and dries it out.

Pay particular attention to subsequent hydration. The use of special creams is mandatory, especially at the age of twenty-five, when the skin gradually begins to lose its tone. Choose a cream according to your skin type.

Moisturizing is not only the right cream, but also a refreshing water spray for moisturizing in the office or at home.

And finally, a few general tips for facial skin care:

  • Purify as usual. Apply the peeling to clean skin.
  • Skin prone to acne and acne requires special care. If you decide to squeeze out an annoying pimple, then be sure to take the necessary precautions.
  • Cleansing steam baths of chamomile decoction are especially useful for those with very sensitive skin. Try to carry out this procedure at least once a month.
  • The use of moisturizing and nourishing products is the golden rule of cosmetologists. Remember to apply the cream to dry and clean skin.

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