Since when did people start eating eggs?

If you think that God created animals so that a person, conceived by the Creator as the protector and patron of all living things, would run after birds like a savage, depriving them of future offspring, then your ideas about reality are greatly distorted.

Anthropologists claim that man has moved away from a plant-based diet and began to eat meat and eggs since the last ice age., when the usual food, consisting of fruits, nuts and vegetables, became unavailable – ancient people had to eat meat in order to survive. Not so long ago, many scientists came to the conclusion that our ancestors were vegetarianswho did not eat meat and eggs, except during periods of emergency crises (when plant foods were not available). Unfortunately, the habit of eating meat and eggs persisted after the end of the ice age, either out of necessity (like the Eskimos and tribes living in the far north) or due to tradition and ignorance. But most often, the reason for the surviving habit is the usual misunderstanding, lack of awareness of the actions performed. Over the past fifty years, renowned health professionals, nutritionists and biochemists have found compelling evidence: You don’t have to eat meat to stay healthy.On the contrary, a diet acceptable to predators can harm a person. According to the theory of the Hyperborean origin of the representatives of the white race, we can safely say that initially, indeed, all people on earth did not eat animal products. Natural and climatic conditions were favorable for the growth of plants – substitutes for meat food. In our time, such plants and fruits remained, but in small quantities. Even now, in more severe climatic conditions, nature does not forget about its children and provides them with “daily bread”. In that eggs are not natural food for humans, many of the greatest people throughout history did not doubt (Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Plutarch, Socrates, Leo Tolstoy, etc.)

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