Video lecture “Conscious pregnancy and childbirth”

Maria Teryan, an instructor of kundalini yoga, yoga for women and an attendant in childbirth, spoke about the rules that kundalini yoga offers to follow for a woman who decides to become a mother.

For example, yoga believes that a future mother has a unique chance to completely clear the karma of her unborn child from all the consequences of past incarnations. It is also very important to spend the first hours and days after childbirth correctly, to establish a strong bond between the baby and mother.

It is very important that Maria does not just talk about some rules, she is ready to offer help. For example, if yoga recommends not to lose physical contact with the baby for a minute in the first 40 days and not to do anything except communicate with him and breastfeed, then Maria and her associates offer, if necessary, to help find a person who can take on this time. taking care of the housework – washing floors, preparing meals for the whole family, etc.

We invite you to watch the video lectures:

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