Full Moon: Reset

The Full Moon is a time of transformation towards positive change. However, the full moon can both increase your positive energy and affect your emotions in a negative way. Being in the full phase, the Moon “sheds” a huge amount of energy, and to get a positive effect, you need to be in a calm state. If you are angry, then anger and resentment will only multiply, as well as happiness if you feel happy. The energy of the full moon is very strong and it is very important to direct it in a positive, creative direction.

Here are some practical tips for using the energy of the full moon (two days before and two days after) to the highest advantage:

1. Full Moon – a time for calm, let go of negativity, breathe deeply in difficult moments, forgive the mistakes of others. Everything that happens during this period multiplies. Keep your energy in a positive direction, get inspired at work, at home, in the car and everyday interactions.

2. The ideal time to visualize the fulfillment of desires is the full moon. Take the time to reflect on your goals and write them down on a blank notepad. It is also recommended to attach photos and words related to your dreams on a corkboard or paper so that you can see them every day. The time spent visualizing dreams on the days of the full moon will be rewarded a hundredfold!

3. The practice of meditation during this period especially brings peace and awareness. Both solitary meditation and practice with like-minded people are welcome. There are centers, yoga studios, and even online groups that organize together for full moon meditation. Group practice is a very powerful tool.

4. While the energy of the Full Moon is helping you, send a message of healing energy, forgiveness, light and mercy to all friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers to the Universe. In addition, send the energy of peace to those places on Earth that are currently experiencing the difficulties of struggle, poverty, war.

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