Erection during sleep and men’s health?
Erection during sleep and mens health?Erection during sleep and men’s health?

Nocturnal penis erections are natural and spontaneous reactions of the body in a healthy man. Nocturnal erections of the penis also occur in young boys and are a sign of normal development of the reproductive system.They usually occur 2-3 times a night and last about 25-35 minutes on average. They are associated with the REM sleep phase, which is manifested by rapid eye movements. In addition, during nocturnal erections, an increased number of heart beats per minute was observed.Nocturnal erections fade with age, especially in middle-aged men after the age of 40, which is associated with a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood. In men struggling with impotence, nocturnal erections do not occur or are very rare.

Causes of a night erection

Scientists have not yet determined the clear causes of nocturnal erections. It is assumed that they are caused by spontaneous generation of impulses in the brain and their transmission to the erection center in the medulla. It is also given as a reason for checking the correct functioning of the reproductive system by the central nervous system.


Loss of and temporary nocturnal erectile dysfunction occur in men affected by the following ailments: – heart disease – hypertension – stroke – atherosclerosis – liver and kidney diseases – cancer – impotence – prostate – taking steroids – vascular changes – testosterone deficiency (so-called andropause in influenza 20 -30% of men over 60) – diabetes The problem also affects men who abuse stimulants – alcohol, drugs and those whose life is accompanied by stress. Constant tension caused by problems in professional or private life can contribute to the disappearance or weakening of nocturnal erections.


About 189 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. In Poland, it is about 2.6 million men. In addition, a group of 40% of men over the age of forty have erectile dysfunction. In this group, 95% of cases are curable. That is why early diagnosis of the problem is so important and important. Both the frequency and length of night erections are diagnosed. This allows you to assess their background – whether it is related to mental or health disorders. Men who do not get an erection during sleep should see a specialist to diagnose the cause of the disorder. It should be remembered that an early detection of the disease will help to avoid unpleasant and embarrassing situations in the future. To prepare for the assessment of nocturnal erections, do not drink alcohol two weeks before the examination. Do not take sedatives or sleep aids. Tests are usually performed for two or three nights in a row, until three nights of full sleep are achieved, without waking up. The test does not pose a threat to a man’s sexual health. It is an essential element in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

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