Do you want to live longer? Eat nuts!

Recently, an interesting article was published in the scientific New English Journal of Medicine, the main idea of ​​which is the slogan: “Do you want to live longer? Eat nuts! Nuts are not only tasty, according to British scientists, but also incredibly useful, this is one of the most useful types of food in general.

Why? Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, contain a significant amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial bioactive components (the most important of which are antioxidants and phytosterols).

If you are a vegetarian, eating nuts has certainly become a part of your life. If you are a meat eater, then due to their nutritional value, nuts will perfectly replace a certain amount of red meat in the diet, which will greatly facilitate the work of the stomach and the whole body, prolong life and improve its quality.

Studies have shown that consuming at least a glass of nuts (about 50 grams) a day lowers bad cholesterol and thus prevents coronary insufficiency.

Also, daily consumption can reduce the risk of: • type 2 diabetes, • metabolic syndrome, • bowel cancer, • gastric ulcer, • diverticulitis, and in addition, it prevents inflammatory diseases and reduces stress levels.

There is also fairly strong evidence that nuts are allowed to lose weight, lower blood sugar and normalize high blood pressure.

According to statistics, people who consume nuts daily are 1: Slimmer; 2: Less likely to smoke; 3: Do sports more often; 4: More use of vitamin supplements; 5: Consume more vegetables and fruits; 6: Less likely to drink alcohol!

There is also strong evidence that a handful of nuts can lift your spirits! According to a number of studies, nut consumption also generally reduces all-cause mortality in both men and women. Among people who regularly eat nuts, cases of cancer, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are rare. Agree, all these are very good reasons to consume more nuts!

However, the question arises – which nuts are the most useful? British nutrition experts have compiled the following “hit parade”: 1: Peanuts; 2: Pistachios; 3: Almond; 4: Walnuts; 5: other nuts growing on trees.

Eat for health! Just do not forget that it is peanuts that are hard to digest – they are best soaked overnight. Pistachios and almonds can be soaked, but not required, so blend them well into smoothies.

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