Why do we need art so much?



Art, in its great variety, is present in every country, culture and community. It has existed, perhaps, since the appearance of the universe, as evidenced by cave and rock art. In the modern world, the value of art, unfortunately, is often called into question, and fewer and fewer people are interested in its areas such as theater, opera, and fine arts. This may be due to the catastrophic lack of time for a modern person, or perhaps with a weakened ability for thoughtfulness, contemplation and a philosophical view of things.

One way or another, creativity in all manifestations still plays an important role in the life and development of mankind, and there are a number of reasons for this: 1. Art is a natural human need. Creative creativity is one of the features of our original way of life. Children all over the world instinctively strive to create. Every culture has its own unique art. Like language and laughter, it is a fundamental part of the human being. In a nutshell, art and creation is an essential part of being that makes us human. 2. Art as a way of communication. Like language, all arts are vehicles for expressing ideas and exchanging information. Creative activity and its result invite us to express what we may not fully understand and know. We share thoughts and visions that we are not able to formulate in any other form. Art is a tool with which we have a full range of expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts. 3. Art is healing. Creation allows us to relax and calm down, or, on the contrary, revitalizes and stimulates us. The creative process involves both the mind and the body, allowing you to look inside yourself and rethink some things. Creating, we are inspired, we find ourselves in the realization of beauty, which leads us to spiritual balance and equilibrium. As you know, balance is health. 4. Art reflects our history. Thanks to art objects, the richest history of world civilization has been preserved to this day. Ancient paintings, sculptures, papyri, frescoes, chronicles and even dances – all this reflects the priceless heritage of ancestors to modern man, which is passed down from generation to generation. Art allows us to capture our lives, to carry them through the ages. 5. Art is a global experiencewhich is a collective activity. Its forms, such as, for example, dance, theater, choir, imply a group of artists and an audience. Even a lone artist or writer depends to some extent on who produced the paint and canvas, and on the publisher. Art brings us closer, gives us a reason to be and experience together.

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