Determine your daily water intake

Many people do not understand the importance of drinking enough water and how it affects health and weight control. According to experts, 2 glasses of water before a meal helps lose weight an additional 3 kg annually. In addition, the correct intake of water daily speeds up the metabolism and prevents overeating when the body confuses hunger and thirst. So how much water should you drink? Consider how you can calculate your individual daily allowance. The weight: An important point in determining the amount of water is how much you weigh. The amount of water drunk per day varies depending on the weight of a particular person. A man weighing 90 kg and a woman weighing 50 need a different dose of water. Multiply by 2/3: Once you have determined your weight, convert it to pounds (1 pound = 0,45 kg). Multiply by a factor equal to 2/3. The resulting value will be a recommendation for daily water consumption, in ounces. For example, if you weigh 175 pounds, then your recommended water intake per day would be 117 ounces. Degree of physical activity: Finally, it is worth considering the factor of physical activity that you give to your body, since we lose a lot of water through sweat. It is recommended to replenish every 30 minutes of training with 12 ml of water. Thus, if you exercise 45 minutes a day, add + 18 ml to the norm already defined above. For your convenience, below is a table (left – pounds, right – ounces) to determine your rate of water consumption.                                              

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