Dangers of aluminum poisoning

It turns out that aluminum is present in almost everything we see around us. How to prevent its harmful effects?

Aluminum Linked to Brain Disease

Studies have shown that people with Alzheimer’s disease have higher levels of aluminum in the brain compared to a person who does not have the disease.

Aluminum is one of the most toxic chemical elements that affect the human body. It destroys our nervous system and attacks our brain. This leads to anemia, memory loss, memory loss, headache, irritability, insomnia, learning disabilities, dementia, mental confusion, premature aging, Alzheimer’s, Charcot’s and Parkinson’s.

Let’s explore how aluminum enters our body. Be informed and make wise decisions about your health.

Aluminum in food and beverages

We get aluminum from the food we cook in pots and pans. Many people still use aluminum pots and pans for cooking because they are cheap, light and conduct heat well. Aluminum foil is also used to wrap grilled food for the same reason. In addition, even if food is simply stored in aluminum cookware for some time, it will absorb aluminum in the form of dust and fumes. Sour and salty foods absorb more aluminum than other foods. When we eat contaminated foods, aluminum builds up in our bodies over time.

aluminum cans. Even if aluminum cans have a polymer coating designed to prevent aluminum from entering food or drink, when scratched or cracked, the damaged polymer can release the aluminum and end up in food and drinks.

Soy products. Soy products arrive on the store counter after a fair amount of processing. Soybeans are soaked in an acid bath in large aluminum vats. The acidic, long-term contact with aluminum causes aluminum to penetrate soybeans, which are used to make tofu and other soy products.

Table salt may contain aluminum acetate used in the drying process. Sea salt that has not been processed does not contain this substance.

Prescribed medications. Some medicines contain very high levels of aluminum. Is it any wonder why patients must keep coming back to the doctor and to hospitals to support the business of healthcare workers? You will be shocked that some of the medications you take may contain aluminum hydroxide. For example, an antacid that is used to treat heartburn, aspirin (used as a pain reliever), poor quality supplements, antidiarrheal and antiulcer drugs.

Drinking water. Aluminum hydroxide and aluminum sulfate are used to purify drinking water. If you drink water directly from the tap, there is a chance that the water may be contaminated with aluminum. When drinking distilled water, you can be sure that this substance and other harmful substances are not present in drinking water.

Nutritional supplements. Aluminum is used as a leavening agent in some processed foods, especially baked goods. Aluminum is found in cake batter, baking powder, corn tortillas, frozen bread, frozen waffles, frozen pancakes, flour, and sweets. Other foods that may contain this toxic ingredient include processed sliced ​​cheese, ground coffee, and chewing gum.

Aluminum in personal care products

Roll-on antiperspirant. Antiperspirants contain an active ingredient, aluminum chlorohydrate, which reacts with proteins in sweat to form a gel that blocks sweat-producing glands, thereby reducing sweating. When sweat is blocked in the armpits and cannot be expelled from the body, it accumulates and becomes toxic. This can lead to breast disease, breast cancer, and brain disease.

A large number of personal care products such as shampoos, shower gels, skin care products, and powders contain aluminum in various forms. This is worrisome, but it is a fact. Always choose organic if you can afford it.

Learning to read labels

Learn to read labels when shopping for personal care products. Check the ingredients, looking for words like alum, aluminium, alumo, aluminata, maltol, or baking powder.

If you start looking at the labels, you will see that it is really difficult for us to avoid being poisoned by aluminum or any other metal through the things around us in today’s world. We try to avoid them if we know they are harmful, but sometimes we really cannot prevent these poisonings. Therefore, we must learn to cleanse our body regularly in order to prevent innumerable health problems. Are you taking care of your health enough?  





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