Czech diet, 3 weeks, -15 kg

Losing weight up to 15 kg in 3 weeks.

The average daily calorie content is 720 Kcal.

The Czech diet was developed by Horvath, a nutritionist from this country. This technique is also often featured on the Internet under the name of the Croat diet. For a three-week dietary course, you can lose 7-8 extra pounds, and with a noticeable weight excess – and all 12-15 kg.

Czech diet requirements

According to the rules of the Czech diet, you need to eat 5 times a day in small portions, evenly distributing food over time, introducing the following foods into the diet.

Protein group:

– lean meat (beef, veal, poultry fillets);

– chicken eggs;

– lean fish.

Dairy and fermented milk products (fat-free or with a minimum percentage of fat):

– kefir;

– cheese;

– milk;

– cottage cheese;

– empty yogurt.

Vegetables and fruits:

– apples (better than green varieties);

– melon;

– watermelon;

– carrot;

– cabbage;

– potatoes;

– tomatoes;

– cucumbers;

– various citrus fruits.

From flour products in the diet, it is allowed to leave rye or whole grain bread, but not much and infrequently.

The liquid diet on the Czech diet is represented by pure water, tea and coffee without sugar, juices from fruits and vegetables.

Doctor Horvat recommends giving up the rest of the drinks and foods while losing weight in Czech. In any case, you should not eat baked goods, white bread, soft wheat pasta, fatty pork, bacon, sausages, sweets, chocolate, alcohol, soda, fast food products.

You can salt the dishes, the main thing is not to oversalt them.

Of course, physical activity will enhance the effect of weight loss and prevent unattractive sagging of the skin. Gym workouts, exercise at home, stairs instead of an elevator, walking, sports games – choose for yourself. All of this is the best alternative to lying on the couch in front of the TV or sitting in an armchair in front of the computer.

If you need to lose less than a pound, you can shorten the duration of the diet. As soon as you see the desired number on the scales, just smoothly get off the technique. After completing the Croat diet, gradually add foods that were previously banned. And if you immediately pounce on high-calorie and fatty delicacies, not only will the excess weight quickly return, but also health problems are very likely. As the experience of people who have lost weight testifies, as a rule, it is possible to maintain weight after a diet when switching to a standard diet. During the diet, the body gets used to eating small portions and does not require such an abundance of fats, sugars and other caloric components in dishes as it was before.

Czech diet menu


– boiled chicken egg, wheat croutons, a cup of coffee;

– wheat bread and a slice of lean ham (30 g), tea;

– crackers and tea;

– 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese and a cup of tea;

– 50 g of cheese with minimum fat content, wheat croutons, tea;

– 2-3 tbsp. l. low-fat cottage cheese, bread and tea.

Second breakfasts:

– grapefruit;

– fresh or baked apple;

– a handful of berries;

– a couple of slices of watermelon;

– orange;

– a glass of milk with minimum fat content.


– boiled or baked potatoes (100 g), 130 g of lean meat, 200 g of fresh vegetables;

– grated carrots, 150 g of boiled chicken fillet, 200 g of boiled potatoes;

– 100 g of stewed potatoes, 50 g of meat baked or boiled, a slice of melon;

– 100 g of stewed potatoes and meat, a glass of vegetable juice;

– boiled chicken fillet (150 g) and 100 g of boiled or stewed potatoes, 1-2 fresh cucumbers;

– 100 g of stewed meat and potatoes, a portion of cabbage salad;

– boiled meat and baked potatoes (100 g each), cucumber-tomato salad.

Tea time:

– a glass of any vegetable juice;

– a cup of coffee with added milk;

– radish salad;

– 200 g of boiled beans and coffee;

– 2 small apples;

– 250 ml of low fat kefir.


– a slice of lean ham or meat (80 g), a boiled chicken egg, a glass of vegetable or fruit juice;

– 2 tbsp. l. curd and 100 g of any boiled vegetables;

– a slice of fish fillet and 150 g of boiled spinach;

– salad of non-starchy vegetables and herbs;

– 2 boiled eggs, 30 g of lean meat, a glass of tomato juice;

– a glass of kefir and one oatmeal cookie;

– 100 g of boiled mushrooms, 1 cucumber and a boiled egg.

Note… Choose your meal options as you see fit. Potatoes can be replaced with oatmeal or buckwheat, cereals are also slowly digested and give a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Contraindications to the Czech diet

  • Despite the sufficient balance, the Czech method still has certain contraindications. It is not worth sitting on it in the presence of inflammatory processes, impaired cerebral circulation, exacerbation of any chronic diseases, oncological diseases, ulcers, gastritis.
  • In addition, it is advisable to stop the Czech diet if you encounter ARVI while observing it. The fact is that protein food increases the production of mucus, which in turn slows down the healing process.

Advantages of the Czech diet

  1. The Czech diet is a nutritional system in which products of various food groups are present. This allows the body to safely lose weight while functioning normally. Using the Czech method, you can eat tasty and quite varied.
  2. Fractional nutrition provides a constant feeling of fullness and helps to accelerate metabolic processes, which play an important role in losing weight and further maintaining weight.
  3. The technique allows you to significantly modernize the figure and gives a great chance of maintaining the result.

Disadvantages of the Czech diet

  • The only thing that can confuse busy people is the recommended fractional meals.
  • To comply with the diet, you need to choose a period free from holidays and celebrations, accompanied by feasts. Of course, one cannot do without the manifestation of volitional efforts; some food habits will have to be abandoned.
  • If you need to lose weight decently, you need to make time for sports. Otherwise, you risk losing weight, but gaining ugly skin flabbiness.


It is not advisable to apply to the Czech diet again earlier than 3-4 months after its completion.

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