Dairy products and obesity

Stomach pains are just the beginning of the problems your children may have if you give them dairy products. Research shows that milk consumption can contribute to asthma, constipation, recurrent ear infections, iron deficiency, anemia, and even cancer.

Consumption of dairy products can also add extra pounds to children. There is an explanation for why the consumption of dairy products leads to such dire consequences – they are very fatty and high in calories. Calves can gain almost 500 pounds by the time they are weaned. The calories from the fat and sugar in cow’s milk will add inches to your baby’s waistline and take a toll on health.

On the other hand, many plant foods contain calcium without cholesterol, and it is better to eat plant foods than to reap the adverse health effects associated with dairy products. In addition, despite the advocacy of the powerful lobby of the dairy industry, independent scientists have found that calcium from plant sources is more easily absorbed by the human body than from cow’s milk.

In fact, milk can weaken our bones! Ironically, American women hold the lead in dairy consumption in the world, but they also have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Researchers found that women who drank three glasses of milk a day for two years actually lost bone mass twice as fast as women who didn’t drink milk. In addition, Harvard University Nursing Health researchers have confirmed that women who get most of their calcium from dairy are more likely to suffer bone fractures than women who don’t drink milk. Research has clearly shown that children should avoid milk and should supplement calcium from plant-based foods in order to build strong bones.

Numerous studies have also shown a link between milk consumption and the development of various types of cancer. For example, a large study of nearly 5000 children found that high dairy intake nearly tripled the rate of colon cancer development compared to children who ate less dairy.  


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