Cruel in the series, humane in life: Vegetarian actors from the “Game of Thrones”

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister)

Who would have thought that the American actor Peter Dinklage, who played the most controversial character Tyrion Lannister, has been a vegetarian since childhood.

Peter has been a vegetarian all his adult and adult life. He is not a frequent visitor to vegetarian restaurants or cafes, because he prefers to cook at home himself. In his opinion, not all food prepared even in vegetarian establishments is good for health.

Speaking to fans about his plant-based lifestyle choices and what inspired him to go vegan, he stated that he could never harm a dog, a cat, a cow, or a chicken.

He had his own interesting reasons for giving up meat: “I decided to become a vegetarian when I was a teenager. Of course, at first, it was a decision made out of love for animals. However, secondly, it all happened because of the girl.

Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister)

Tyrion’s cruel sister, Cersei Lannister, is in real life the British actress Lena Headey, Peter’s companion in lifestyle.

Lena became a vegetarian many years ago, even before her popularity. Today, she adheres to the principles of non-violence and advocates a ban on the free sale of weapons, which is allowed in the United States.

She is also an active advocate for animal rights. Rumor has it that during the filming of “Game of Thrones” she was asked to skin a rabbit, to which the actress responded with a vehement refusal and took the poor animal home with her. In addition, she practices yoga, which she became interested in while working in India.

Jerome Flynn (Ser Bronn Blackwater)

It so happened that the connection between the heroes of the cult saga finds its expression in real life. Tyrion Lannister’s squire from the first seasons and one of the central characters of the entire Bronn saga (later Ser Bronn the Blackwater) – English actor Jerome Flynn is also a vegetarian.

Flynn has been a vegan since the age of 18. He began his healthy journey in college, inspired by a girlfriend who showed him PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) flyers.

Earlier this year, he became a partner of this animal rights organization. The star of the series starred in a revealing video in which he calls for accountability for the cruelty of the companies responsible for the meat, dairy and egg industries. In the video, Flynn emphasizes that animals that are farmed for food do not deserve such suffering.

Jerome asks, “If we’re true to our own values, can we really justify inflicting all this suffering and violence on these emotionally sensitive, intelligent individuals just for a fleeting moment of taste?”

In addition to PETA, the actor supports Viva! and Vegetarian Society.

Cruel in the series, but humane in life, the actors from the Game of Thrones show and prove by their example to fans around the world how great it is to love animals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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