Vegan spring garden

For many of us, spring is the time to do a spring cleaning, clean up our home and get rid of unnecessary things. But it’s also a great time to transform the look of our homes by creating a wonderful vegan patio. Just follow four simple steps to enjoy watching bees, birds and other creatures who will be attracted by the welcoming atmosphere you have created in the summer.

1. Attract bees

The soothing sight of bees buzzing around blooming flowers is one of the reasons why many people love spring. In addition, bees are needed to pollinate our fruits and vegetables. In recent years, bees are in danger of extinction, so we need to take care of their well-being.

Lavender is great for attracting honey bees, bumblebees and butterflies. California lilac is another plant that attracts bees and bumblebees. But the use of pesticides or herbicides on your plants should be avoided because these chemicals are toxic to bees. Instead, weed the beds by hand and use natural pest control chemicals.

Finally, an important element in the life of bees in your garden will be a bee bath. To create a bee bath, fill a shallow container of water with pebbles or twigs so the bees can land to drink. If you renew the water every day, the bees will remember that they can come back to your yard for a refreshing drink.

2. Watching birds

Birds are not only beautiful creatures; they are also interesting to watch, and especially nice to do it in your garden. Even if you have a small yard and can’t plant enough flowers to attract bees, try buying or making your own bird feeder or bath.

Birds need water to drink, clean their feathers, and remove vermin, so a birdbath in your garden can be a treat for you and your winged friends. It is better to refuse a concrete vessel – these are too difficult to wash and they can crack in winter from the cold. The ideal place to place a birdbath is in the shade and not too close to the house, but so that you can see it through the window. Remember to clean your bird bath every few days, especially if green algae starts to appear.

If you don’t feel like keeping track of your bath, buy a bird feeder, which is a great way to attract more birds to your backyard. You can buy a glass or plastic feeder to watch the birds fly in for your treat. Don’t forget to change your food every couple of days, especially in warm weather when bacteria and mold thrive.

3. I remember now

Planting your favorite fruits and vegetables in your own garden is the perfect way to save money (because you don’t have to go to the store) and benefit the environment and your health.

The first thing you should consider what seeds to plant, which is especially important if you have little space. Keep in mind that there are many bee-friendly fruits and vegetables such as blackberries, cucumbers, peppers, raspberries, pumpkins, strawberries, watermelons, and wild garlic. Plant the seeds of these plants and be sure your garden will be filled with buzz when they bloom.

In addition, the garden is a great opportunity to engage in physical labor, which is sometimes the best cure for all worries.

4. Calling friends

So your vegan garden is blooming and smelling. The next step is to have a vegan BBQ! You can welcome the change of seasons by indulging yourself with a new grill. However, the old one will not overshadow the situation if you cook your own grown vegetables from your yard. So put on your apron, tune the radio to your favorite tune, and invite your friends over for a vegan tofu BBQ!

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