Congratulations to 4th grade graduates
The transition from elementary to middle school is an important event for students. Congratulate young graduates on the end of grade 4 by dedicating beautiful words to them

As a rule, 4th grade graduates celebrate their holiday in the last decade of May, on the eve of summer holidays. Parents of each school independently decide how to celebrate the graduation of their children. Holiday matinees, tea parties in class or banquets in cafes have become traditional. Voice your congratulations to 4th grade graduates at these events: touching and sincere parting words from parents and teachers will become an important element of the celebration.

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Beautiful congratulations in verse

Unusual congratulations in prose

How to congratulate 4th grade graduates

Graduation for fourth graders is no less significant event than for high school students. We offer you a small list of gifts that you can please the guys on this important day.

  • Pens, notebooks, albums, any other stationery are the right things for schoolchildren of any age. Present such a present in the original performance.
  • Planner notepad – useful for future high school students, it will become an interesting alternative to a regular notebook, it will allow you to plan your time.
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  • Bookshop certificate. The certificate will allow you to make the most relevant gift of all time – a book, while not letting you make a mistake with the choice.
  • The flash drive will be a relevant gift for elementary school graduates. After all, there is a lot of new information ahead, which, in addition to textbooks, helps to store electronic media.
  • A set for creativity or a board game is suitable as a gift: they will bring variety to leisure, teach new things, and entertain children.

Make this day for young graduates special and memorable. Take the kids to the cinema, trampoline complex, oceanarium, amusement park, interactive museum. If there is no festive banquet with the class, go with your child to a cafe on your own to treat the baby to ice cream and celebrate this day. And, of course, do not forget about congratulations and sincere wishes to 4th grade graduates. Kids will be pleased to hear warm parting words from parents and teachers.

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