Vegetarianism and Parapsychology

We know that vegetarianism is the norm for representatives of a number of religions. We also know that even for those who are far from ethical ideals, religions set certain limits in order to somehow preserve spiritual forces in a person.

And what about esotericism, mysticism? After all, magic is attractive to people because, at first glance, it does not have a number of restrictions characteristic of religions, for its adherents. But when we begin to consider esoteric developmental practices, such as clairvoyance, we will come to the conclusion that vegetarianism is the basis of the physical part of the training.

The point is that parapsychologicalSome experiments related to “subtle” matters require control of the physical body. And best of all, this is only possible when the practitioner refuses meat. In parapsychology, meat-eating is not a crime, but only vegetarians achieve great success.

The phenomena that parapsychology studies are clairvoyance, control of the material world with the help of thought, and similar manifestations of abilities that are now commonly called supernatural.mi. However, the history and experience of many people shows that, to one degree or another, extrasensory perception is inherent in every person.

This agrees very well with the worldview of the Slavs and other peoples who consider themselves “sons of God.” And all these peoples did not welcome not only the use of meat, but also satiety even with plant foods. It can be difficult for an ordinary person who is just starting to engage in parapsychology to master even the basics of this science. Vegetarianism helps to overcome the barrier of mental and physical infirmity.

At the physical level, the parapsychologist-vegetarians are filling with energy due to getting rid of toxins. The body, which does not need to constantly fight the toxins released as a result of the decomposition of meat in the body, easily allocates energy to secondary tasks: intellectual activity, prayer, esoteric practice. On a psychological level, a person can feel the increase in morality, because awareness of the ethics of one’s lifestyle is seriously inspiring!

At an even more subtle level, a person becomes free from the “heavy” energies of the animal. And if meat is not encouraged, then it is simply forbidden for practitioners to consume the blood of an animal. “For in her is the soul of an animal,” as the Bible says. Mixing energies with the energy of an animal, a person often receives a negative charge, because the energy of death imprinted in meat prevents the manifestation of parapsychologicalsome phenomena.

Then, freed from an unhealthy lifestyle, everyone can feel the strength in themselves, and fix a specific manifestation of certain abilities. depending on predispositionyou can determine the intensification of intuition, or the manifestation of healing, the laying on of hands or prayer, the improvement of concentrationand that is very important to observe during meditation. And this can all manifest itself even with a simple rejection of meat. Believe me: there are so many dormant forces in us that want to awaken, that exchanging them for the “pleasure” of meat products is the most disadvantageous course for you.

From this we can draw a conclusion not only for those who wish to master their extrasensory abilities, energy, but also for everyone who wishes to follow the path of self-development. In meat there is no truth, no salvation, no power. Dead food does not give a person any benefit. Vegetarian food is not just satiating, it strengthens the spirit. And you can feel the first results in 12-14 days. But more valuable than this is the fact that not a single animal will be killed for your food!

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