Vegetarian from Britain about traveling the world

Chris, a vegetarian from the lands of Foggy Albion, lives a busy and free life of a traveler, finding it difficult to answer the question of where his home is after all. Today we will find out which countries Chris defines as vegetarian friendly, as well as his experience in each of the countries.

“Before I answer a question on the topic, I would like to share what I get asked most often – In fact, I came to this for a long time. Even though I’ve always loved eating delicious steak, I’ve started to notice that I’m eating less and less meat when I travel. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that vegetable dishes are more budgetary. At the same time, I was overcome by doubts about the quality of the meat on the road, in which I spent many hours. However, the “point of no return” was my trip to Ecuador. There I stayed with my friend, who, at that time, had been a vegetarian for a year. Cooking dinner with him meant that it would be vegetarian dishes and … I decided to try it.

Having visited a large number of countries, I have drawn some conclusions about how comfortable it is to travel as a vegetarian in each of them.

The country that started it all is very easy to live without meat here. Fresh fruit and vegetable stalls are everywhere. Most hostels offer self-catering facilities.

became the first country after my transition to vegetarianism and again there were no problems in it. Even in the small town of Mancora in the north of the country, I easily managed to find several vegetarian cafes!

To be honest, I mostly cooked on my own in the kitchen of friends, however, there were no problems outside the house either. Of course, the choice was not prohibitive, but still!

Perhaps this country has become the most difficult in matters of plant nutrition. It is worth noting that Iceland is an insanely expensive country, so finding a budget option to dine, especially for lovers of fresh vegetables, becomes a difficult task here.

Frankly, of all the countries I visited this year, I expected South Africa to be the most non-vegetarian. In fact, it turned out to be exactly the opposite! Supermarkets are overflowing with veg burgers, soy sausages, and there are vegetarian cafes all over the city, all of which are quite cheap.

Where you will not have problems with ethical food is in Thailand! Despite the fact that there are a large number of meat dishes here, you will also find something delicious and inexpensive to eat without any problems. My favorite is Massaman Curry!

In Bali, just like in Thailand, being a vegetarian is easy. A varied menu in restaurants and cafes, in addition to the national dish of the country – nasi goring (fried rice with vegetables), so if you find yourself in the countryside of Indonesia, there will be no difficulties with food.

Despite the fact that the locals are big fans of meat and seafood barbecues, plant foods are also “in bulk” there, especially if you cook for yourself in the hostel. In Byron Bay, where I’m staying, there’s a huge amount of delicious vegan food, as well as gluten free!”

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