Congratulations to kindergarten graduates
Graduation from kindergarten is a significant stage in the life of grown-up kids. The happy days of a carefree childhood with little friends are behind us, and an interesting and responsible school trip lies ahead. Congratulate young graduates in beautiful poetry and prose

Congratulations to kindergarten graduates are no less important than wishes to high school students who are finishing school. Toddlers, full of self-importance, will be happy to hear warm parting words from their parents and caregivers.

In recent decades, kindergarten graduations have been held in the format of a solemn matinee with beautiful outfits and gifts. Traditionally, these events are held at the end of May.

Short greetings

Beautiful congratulations in verse

Unusual congratulations in prose

How to congratulate on graduation from kindergarten

Yesterday’s kindergartners are future schoolchildren. We offer gift ideas that can complement verbal congratulations to kindergarten graduates.

  • A beautiful set of first-graders is the perfect solution for a present for a little graduate.
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  • A school backpack with a set of notebooks with original covers is also perfect as a gift.
  • The book is always relevant, useful and necessary present. Give the children an illustrated encyclopedia by age or a collection of fairy tales from the peoples of the world.
  • A set for creativity or a board game is perfect for young graduates by age, it will become both entertainment and an educational activity.

The day of the very first graduation in the life of children should be distinguished and spent in a special way. For example, take your child to an amusement park, oceanarium, cinema. Treat with ice cream or cotton candy. In other words, make this day filled with vivid impressions and events.

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