Baltic herring



Baltic herring is a small fish belonging to the herring family. The fish lives in the Baltic Sea, the length of one individual reaches 20-37 cm, and the weight is from 150 to 300 g.

Features and habitats of Baltic herring

In addition to the Baltic Sea, herring are found in some lakes in Switzerland, in the freshwater Kursk Bay. The popularity of this type of fish directly relates to its pleasant taste and variety of cooking methods. In the Netherlands and Finland, a festival is held annually in honor of the Baltic herring, and the Scandinavians have completely nationalized this type of fish. The Slavs most often use smoked Baltic herring.

Interesting to know! Baltic herring differs from Atlantic herring in its lower fat content.

Herring composition

Baltic herring
  • Baltic herring has an excellent taste, and it has few calories and a lot of useful substances:
  • Omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Vitamins: A, B, C, E.
  • Trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, magnesium.

It’s important to know! Herring has no carbohydrates, which makes it a dietary and safe food. And in combination with the omega-3 fatty acid, herring becomes a real “pill” for high cholesterol.

The composition and calorie content of herring are not stable, the fact is that during different seasons and methods of preparation, the calorie content and chemical composition of fish looks like this:

  • Raw herring contains 125 kcal and 17 g of protein.
  • Smoked herring has the highest calorie content – 156 kcal and 25.5 g of protein.
  • Baltic herring caught in spring-summer contains only 93 kcal and 17.5 g of protein.
  • But the autumn-winter herring “fattens fat,” and its caloric content is 143 kcal, the Protein content is 17 g.
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Baltic herring
  • Calorie content 125kcal
  • Energy value of the product (Ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates):
  • Proteins: 17g. (∼ 68 kcal)
  • Fat: 6.3g. (∼ 56.7 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates: 0g. (∼ 0 kcal)
  • Energy ratio (b | f | y): 54% | 45% | 0%

Useful properties of Baltic herring

Baltic herring

Any fish is useful, but the only question is the fat content and calorie content of one or another type. Baltic herring is a rare exception, which combines a rich composition and diet properties.

Interesting to know! Fish is low in calories and high in nutritional value. Even 150-200 g of fish can relieve you of hunger for 3-4 hours.


Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the body. Our body does not know how to synthesize these substances on its own. Therefore, the use of baltic herring has a beneficial effect on such processes in our body:

  • On the state of the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Improves vision and speeds up brain function.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It is the prevention of inflammatory processes in the joints.

For the herring to bring maximum benefit to your body, you must properly cook it. In dried and smoked fish, the concentration of nutrients is 2-3 times lower than in baked or steamed herring.

Harm of Baltic herring fish

Baltic herring

Fresh Baltic herring prepared according to a dietary recipe can be consumed by children, adults, and the elderly. But it is recommended to refuse smoked and salted herring in case of kidney disease, urolithiasis, and high blood pressure.

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Advice! You should refrain from smoked or salted herring with a tendency to edema: during pregnancy, summer heat, you should not eat such fish at night.

Herring in cooking

Dozens of dishes from herring are popular worldwide, and each country has its own traditional recipes for cooking this fish. In the CIS countries, herring is often salted and smoked, after which it is added to salads, eaten with a garnish of potatoes or vegetables, and put on bread and butter.

To prepare oven-baked baltic herring, take a medium-sized fish, place it on a baking sheet with its belly (do not cover it with paper or foil!), And put a layer of onion rings on top. That’s it, add 150 ml of water and 1 tbsp to the fish. l. vegetable oil, bake for 20 minutes. The fish is cooked very quickly, and it turns out to be fatty and juicy, the dish is best with a vegetable salad or rice.


Herring, grilled, in the oven or a pan, acquires a sweetish taste and a pleasant marine aroma. Most often, olive oil, lemon juice, black peppercorns, and onions are good as a dressing for herring.

Herring Forshmak – paste for sandwiches?

Baltic herring


  • 540 g herring in oil (400 g peeled)
  • 100 g butter
  • 90 g processed cheese
  • 1 pc (130 g) boiled carrot

How to cook

  1. Boiled carrots weighed 130 g. But in the recipe, accuracy is not required. If you add more carrots, the color will be brighter. And the taste depends on the fat content of the herring. The oil softens the baltic herring salting and, at the same time, replaces the application of oil separately on the bread.
  2. Separate the fins, ridge, and skin (partially); the weight was 400 g. This procedure took 25 minutes.
  3. Pass the peeled herring through a blender until puree is shaped like a state.
  4. Grind carrots, cheese, and butter. Add to herring and pass the whole mass through a blender. Transfer to a glass or ceramic dish and store in the refrigerator.
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Making sandwiches

  1. To make sandwiches use: lemon, pickled cucumber, fresh olives, green onions, cranberries, parsley.
  2. You can put sandwiches on a rectangular dish so that the heads look in opposite directions. Garnish the edges of the dish with lettuce leaves.
  3. Sandwiches “Droplet” can be laid out in the form of a flower or a sun (then the “droplet” will be superimposed on the edge of another “droplet,” and you will get along the ray
  4. Well, for crackers, everything is simple. You can alternate with a fresh and salty circle in a checkerboard pattern or layout in rows, squares.
  5. They say that FORSHMAK resembles the taste of red caviar. I wouldn’t say that. More like herring caviar. What do YOU ​​think?
  6. A small amount of freshman mixed with egg yolk works well for filling stuffed eggs.

Enjoy your meal!

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