Affirmations: why and how they work

Affirmation (from the English affirm – affirm) is a kind of statement about something and accepting it as true. Most often, an affirmation means a regularly repeated sentence or phrase, as an intention for oneself and the Universe to translate it (intention) into reality. The brain of each of us is equipped with the so-called reticular activated system. Explaining popularly, it acts as a filter of information, “absorbing” what is needed and weeding out what we do not need. If it were not for the presence of this system in the brain, we would simply be overloaded with an endless amount of information around, which would lead us to a serious overstrain. Instead, our brains are primed to capture what matters based on our goals, needs, interests, and desires.

Let’s imagine a situation. You and your friend are driving around the city in a car. You are extremely hungry, and a friend really wants to meet a pretty girl. From the car window, you will see cafes and restaurants (not girls at all), while your friend will watch the beauties with whom you can potentially spend an evening. Most of us are familiar with the situation: a close friend of a partner colleague boasted to us of a purchased car of a particular make and model. Now, after we are sincerely happy for a loved one, this car model catches our eye everywhere. By repeating the affirmation over and over, the following happens. Your reticular activated system receives a clear signal that the intended intention is important to you. She begins to look and find possible options for achieving the goal. If your affirmation is ideal weight, you suddenly start noticing gyms and weight loss products. If money is your goal, earning and investment opportunities will come to the fore of your attention. What makes an affirmation effective? First we need to determine the type of transformation we want to see – the goal or intention. Then we give it a quality-relationship value and a characteristic. It is also important to add emotion. For example, “I feel healthy and happy in my slim body” or “I live happily in my own comfortable home.” Formulate the affirmation in a positive way, avoiding the negative: “I am healthy and fit” rather than “I will never be fat again.” I am harmonious spiritually, mentally and physically.

I easily accept the lessons and blessings of fate.

Every day I am grateful to fate and trust everything that happens.

I am successful in everything that I put effort into.

Love, wisdom and compassion coexist in my heart.

Love is my inalienable right given at birth.

I am strong and energetic.

I see the best in people and they see the best in me.

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