Concentration camp for animals BANO ECO “Veshnyaki”: a chronology of events

Despite the fact that the shelter never had a good reputation before, it lasted for about 16 years. The last straw in order to start acting radically was the sincere confession of one of the former employees of BANO ECO Veshnyaki. So, on April 28, a message appeared on the forum of the animal protection organization that more than 400 dogs and cats had been killed on its territory during the recent existence of the shelter. Initially, the anonymous person promised that he would reveal himself and even give an interview, but then he disappeared without a trace.

By the evening of the same day, people began to gather at the shelter. At first there were five people, then ten, and soon countless. They were both animal rights activists and just caring people. Reposts on Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte did their job. Also, journalists began to gather at the high fence of the shelter, including TV channels LifeNews, Vesti, Rossiya and others. However, no one was allowed into the shelter. Only closer to the night, some volunteers managed to get inside … What they saw shocked them, they hastily photographed and filmed dead and half-dead animals on video in order to somehow fix the hell that was happening. “There was a dog, next to it her severed paws. She herself could not die like that. Near the territory they found soft earth, dug – there are bones. All in corpses. I don’t know why they are not afraid of anything, but the police calmly react to everything,” a volunteer girl who managed to get inside.

When several volunteers tried to get into the territory of the shelter (which, by the way, is not prohibited by the rules for visiting the shelter), they were stopped by security, and then they called the police. According to volunteers and eyewitnesses, as a result of the brawl, one of the activists received broken arms and head injuries.

Already on April 29, employees of the Moscow prosecutor’s office, with the involvement of specialists from control departments, began checking compliance with the law at the Veshnyaki shelter. According to the prosecutors themselves, who saw a lot of terrible things in their lives, what happened in the shelter shocked them … After the doors of the shelter were opened for volunteers, a total check of all the premises began.

Employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office took with them a puppy named Sam, who will be sent to live in the sanatorium of employees of the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation “Istra”, where he was promised to create decent living conditions and proper care. Unfortunately, the prosecutor’s office hasn’t done much at the moment.

Volunteers, owners of other shelters, and those who just wanted to get a new pet were able to get into the territory of the shelter and by 7 am on April 30 they took all the animals out. Many veterinary clinics have agreed to help treat animals for free. There were also many who were not indifferent, who simply helped with transportation, carrying, buying leashes, collars and many others. Unfortunately, not only live animals that were saved, but also the corpses of dead cats and dogs were taken out. About 500 animals were rescued, 41 died. It is not known how many more were killed or even buried alive during the existence of the shelter … The corpses of several cats and dogs were sent for examination to determine the exact cause of their death. These operations must be carried out for further work of the investigation.

The owner of the shelter – Vera Petrosyan -. So, they wanted to imprison her in 2014 for embezzling a billion rubles, but she was somehow able to be released under an amnesty. The Veshnyaki IVF shelter is not the only one under her leadership, she also owns the Tsaritsyno IVF. The BANO Eco website says that the shelter has more than 10 dogs and cats. Now the organization continues to build new nurseries. The activities of the organizations and the work of Ms. Petrosyan are financed from the money of Moscow taxpayers, last year her shelters were financed by 000 million rubles, which, apparently, went into her pocket. And the price of her greed and inhumanity was tortured and killed animals. What fate awaits the culprit and others involved – no one knows yet.

It is these inscriptions that are attached to the Eco-Veshnyaki fence, and under them are heartbreaking pictures of those animals that could not be saved …

Despite the fact that no active actions are being taken now, many are glad that the hive is finally stirred up, and this story received a huge public outcry. Now the number of posts on the Internet with the hashtag #Petrosyaninprison is growing every minute, it was created, addressed to the mayor of Moscow. Sooner or later, any evil is revealed, and this story is another confirmation of this.

Today, unfortunately, such concentration camps for animals continue to exist – these are slaughterhouses and other organizations for the production of animal products. Of course, one misfortune does not cancel another, the suffering of animals in IVF “Veshnyaki” is a terrible act of inhumanity. And I would like to believe that it is he who will help people open their eyes to other manifestations of these terrible human qualities that take place here and now. Every day. Around the world. Only instead of cats and dogs – cows, chickens, pigs and other creatures whose pain and suffering are no less strong.

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