Ability to forgive

We have all experienced betrayal, unfair and undeserved treatment to a greater or lesser extent. While this is a normal life phenomenon that happens to everyone, it takes some of us years to let go of the situation. Today we will talk about why it is important to learn to forgive. The ability to forgive is something that can qualitatively change your life. Forgiveness does not mean that you erase your memory and forget what happened. This also does not mean that the person who offended you will change his behavior or want to apologize – this is beyond your control. Forgiveness means letting go of pain and resentment and moving forward. There is an interesting psychological point here. The very thought of leaving someone unpunished (much less forgiven!) after everything they’ve done is unbearable. We are trying to “level the score”, we want them to feel the pain they caused us. In this case, forgiveness looks like nothing more than a betrayal of oneself. You kind of have to give up this fight for justice. Anger inside you heats up, and toxins spread throughout the body. But here’s the thing: anger, resentment, anger are emotions. They are driven by the desire for justice. Being under the cover of these negative emotions, it is difficult for us to understand that the past is in the past, and what happened, happened. The truth is, forgiveness is giving up hope that the past can change. Knowing that the past is behind us, we understand and accept that the situation will not return and become the way we wanted it to be. In order to forgive a person, we should not at all strive to become quits. We don’t even have to make friends. We need to recognize that a person has left his mark on our destiny. And now we make a conscious decision to “heal the wounds”, no matter what scars they leave. Sincerely forgiving and letting go, we boldly move forward into the future, not allowing the past to control us anymore. It is always important to remember that all our actions, all our life is the result of constantly made decisions. The same is true when it comes time to forgive. We just make this choice. For a happy future.

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