Mantra Om and its effect

Since ancient times, Indians have believed in the creative power of chanting the sound Om, which is also a religious symbol of Hinduism. It may be surprising to some, but even science recognizes the therapeutic, psychic and mental effects of the sound of Om. According to the Vedas, this sound is the ancestor of all sounds in the universe. From monks to simple yoga practitioners, Om is recited before beginning meditation. Medical studies have shown that chanting Om with full concentration in the process reduces the level of adrenaline, which in turn reduces stress. When you feel frustrated or tired, try secluded for Om meditation. If you are tired or unable to concentrate on work, it is recommended to add the practice of chanting Om to your daily morning routine. It is believed that this increases the level of endorphins, which contribute to a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Balanced hormonal secretion, which plays a significant role in mood swings. Meditation and chanting of Om helps improve blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the body. Continuous deep breathing while meditating along with Om helps to get rid of toxins. Indian sages believe that this allows you to maintain inner and outer youth. In addition to regulating blood flow, chanting Om also helps with blood pressure. Disconnecting from worldly worries and affairs, your heartbeat and breathing returns to normal. Om vibrations and deep breathing strengthen the digestive system. Due to worry or anxiety, we are often unable to control feelings such as frustration, anger, irritation, sadness. Sometimes we react emotionally to certain things, which we later regret very much. Chanting Om strengthens the will, mind and self-awareness. This will allow you to calmly analyze the situation and find a logical solution to the problem. You will also become more empathetic towards others.    

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