9 Causes of a Failed Workout and How to Avoid It

If you exercise regularly, you should notice that one workout goes better, and after another you feel overwhelmed, tired and lose motivation. When such failures are repeated often, there is a temptation to quit altogether. The reason for feeling unwell can be different – the emotional state, nutrition, sleep patterns and a number of other factors. But such failures must and can be fought!

Lack of mood

If you think that training is a burden to you, then this attitude destroys the pleasure of physical activity. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and dreaming about how you want to relax, you need to change your thinking in a positive direction. When doing cardio, feel the joy of every heartbeat. Concentrate your thoughts on the fact that you are doing the exercise well – and your well-being will go up.

You haven’t recovered from your injury

After pulling your back muscles or twisting your ankle, you should not quickly return to duty – this will make you miserable and only worsen the situation. Without giving enough time to heal, you can end up quitting for good. If you run but have plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tendon), switch to cycling or swimming.

Fasting workout

Negative consequences await those who, trying to burn more calories, come to the gym on an empty stomach. A pre-workout snack provides a burst of energy and improves well-being. Nutritionists recommend combining carbohydrates and proteins, and eating a serving 30 minutes before exercise. Example: almond butter with whole grain crackers or Greek yogurt with berries and honey.

Нproper food before class

Even worse than not eating anything is eating the wrong food before a workout. Foods high in fat lead to heaviness in the stomach. After such a meal, you need to wait from two to four hours for the stomach to digest what you have eaten. For morning workouts, liquid food is more suitable, which is easy to eat until your appetite wakes up. It will provide the necessary hydration to the body. It can be juicy fruits or whey.

Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation has a deadly effect on the training process, making you weak and lethargic. Stanford University researchers showed that basketball players who increased their sleep time from 6 to 9 hours were 9% more accurate at free throws and ran faster. An adult needs at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Do you need a break

Training one after another does not leave the body the opportunity to rest and recover, and these are key points in the sports schedule. During rest, muscle cells gain strength. The amount of time it takes to recover depends on the intensity of the workout. Be sure to watch for signs of overtraining, which are characterized by decreased performance, increased muscle soreness, and resting heart palpitations.


Even a small lack of water has a significant impact on physical performance. Lethargy and fatigue appear, dizziness, headache and even convulsions may occur. To understand whether the body has enough water, it is enough to check the color of urine – pale yellow means a good degree of moisture, and the color of apple juice or darker gives a signal that it is time to drink. Ideally, you should drink half a liter of water 2-4 hours before training and another 300 ml 10-30 minutes before training.

No workout program

If there is no plan, and you jump from one projectile to another, then you will soon get bored and feel frustrated. But if a goal is set, for example, to run so many kilometers, when you achieve it, you will receive great satisfaction. It is worth seeking the help of a qualified trainer to draw up an individual program.

When the disease hit

Lack of energy and muscle pain can be signs of a cold. If the symptoms are mostly above the neck – a sore throat, a slight headache, or a runny nose – doctors allow you to continue training with some adjustments. In this state, it is not recommended to lift weights or sprint. But, if the whole body is covered by the disease, muscles hurt, chills, nausea and fever, then it is better to stay at home and fully recover.

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