7 Vegetarian Meals Kids Love

In vegetarian families, a problem often arises that children do not like to eat vegetables too much. In fact, lovingly prepared appetizing food will appeal to both children and adults. Not every child will want green beans from a can, but if the dish is seasoned with chili peppers or spaghetti sauce, it becomes more attractive. Here are some recipes that your kids are sure to love.

Hamburger with beans

The hamburger is the quintessence of American food, and many simply cannot resist it. Just because you have a vegetarian family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hamburger. By replacing meat with beans, we get both protein and fiber. Use a gluten-free bun and wrap the hamburger in a lettuce leaf.

French fries

Burgers can be topped with deep-fried carrots or eaten on their own. This is a high-calorie snack for children and adults.

Chickpea snack

You can take it with you to school for an afternoon snack. Add any ingredients to chickpeas so that the dish is rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Hot vegetable soup

During the winter months, soups take center stage on the dinner table. You can take any recipe, excluding meat and adding more various vegetables.

Chili with quinoa

Chili is another winter food that children respect. Try making this dish with quinoa. This cereal is an ideal vegetarian meat replacement as it provides complete protein.


Most grocery store mueslis are full of sugar and artificial preservatives. Make your own homemade mix with dried fruits, nuts, and grains. Let your child experiment with you by creating their own recipe.

summer fruit salad

It’s both delicious and beautiful! Fruit contains an abundance of vitamins, and such foods naturally satisfy sugar cravings without causing unhealthy addiction.

You can “hide” vegetables by adding them to casseroles, sauces, and soups. It will take a little experimentation, but when it comes to the health of your children, the effort is worth it. The main thing is that the child realizes the benefits of fresh food and takes part in cooking with you. This will instill in him a love for wholesome food for life, and, consequently, the foundation for good health will be laid.

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