Healthy alternative to chewing gum

Back in the early 1800s, before the advent of modern chewing gum, people chewed a substance extracted from spruce resin. Now the windows are adorned with minty, sweet and multi-flavored packaging, which, according to advertising, eliminates cavities and freshens breath. Most chewing gums are harmless, but the habit of eating several packs a week can cause health problems. Due to the constant sweet saliva in the mouth, teeth are destroyed, jaw pain and even diarrhea can occur. Use healthy gum substitutes instead of chewing gum.

Liquorice root

Those who can’t stop chewing can try licorice root (licorice), which is sold in organic food stores. Peeled and dried licorice treats stomach – reflux, ulcers – say at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland.

Seeds and nuts

Often chewing gum becomes just a way to occupy the mouth, especially for those who quit smoking. The habit of holding something in your mouth is very strong, but you can switch to seeds and nuts. Sunflower and pistachios need to be opened, so you are guaranteed employment. These foods contain omega-3 fatty acids that support healthy cholesterol levels. But you need to remember that both seeds and nuts are high in calories, so the portion should not be too large.


If chewing gum is needed to freshen your breath, then parsley is ideal for this task. For this purpose, only fresh herbs are suitable. Decorate a dish with a sprig and eat it at the end of dinner – garlic spirit as usual.


Instead of kicking yourself up with a mint gum at the end of the day, grab chopped, crunchy veggies with you. Healthy fibers will help you perk up and quell the hunger in your stomach. Keep slices of carrots, celery, cucumber on hand to crunch on breaks and not reach for chewing gum.


It may seem too simple, but many people chew to get rid of dry mouth. Just drink a glass of water! Instead of spending money on chewing gum, buy a good reusable flask and keep clean water with you at all times. If your mouth is dry, drink a little, and the craving to chew will disappear by itself.

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