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Do you experience numbness in your fingers, pain in your wrists or do you experience muscle failure in your hands? You undoubtedly suffer from carpal tunnel. And this does not bode well, especially when we know that the hands are used in different daily tasks.

And because health passes through all parts of the body and ipso facto through the hands, it is essential to remedy this disease and the sooner the better. Especially since the pain is not trivial.

If these symptoms are manifesting in you, I recommend that you choose from the six simple but effective solutions, which I offer you below.

 1- Essential oils to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms

Essential oils have softening and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe carpal tunnel symptoms. To do this, knead your fingers, palms and wrists with a mixture of two to three drops of peppermint essential oil and a tablespoon of sweet almond oil.


If you experience pain, make a mixture with 1 drop of St. John’s Wort vegetable oil, 3 drops of arnica vegetable oil and 4 drops of wintergreen essential oil. With the mixture thus obtained, perform a light massage starting from the thumb towards the forearm, passing naturally through the wrist. Repeat this several times. Apply this mixture three times a day.

In pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as in children under the age of six, it is preferable, or even recommended, not to use essential oils.

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 2- Apply green clay poultices

 Green clay can also help you heal carpal tunnel. To do this, apply a good layer of green clay paste on tissue paper then place it around your wrist.


Leave the poultice on for 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much time you have. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, until the symptoms subside.

3- Choose foods rich in vitamin B6

Based on some research dating back to the 80s, it was established that carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by vitamin B6 deficiency. Sufficient consumption of this substance can thus help regenerate nerve stimulation in the hands and maintain nerve tissue.

To avoid any risk when taking vitamin B6, eat foods rich in vitamin B6, including salmon, brown rice, grain shoots, chicken breast, nuts, shellfish and green vegetables.



If necessary, I would advise you to take a maximum of 50 mg of vitamin B6 per day, divided into two or three doses, until the symptoms have subsided. Pair it with magnesium, this will allow you to absorb the pain even more quickly.

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 4- Practice yoga against tingling in the fingers

 Certain movements practiced during a yoga session can remedy carpal tunnel syndrome.



Firmly press the palms of your hands together, keeping your fingers facing up and your forearms horizontal. Keep the pose and the pressure for a good thirty seconds then repeat the operation several times.

To complete this little exercise, perform an olive oil massage, several times on the bones of the part that hurts you. This massage, although very simple, is an excellent alternative to the usual surgical operation in case of carpal tunnel problem.

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 5- Cool your wrists with ice cubes to reduce inflammation

 To relieve the inflammation and pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, you can use ice cubes that you have placed in a thin cloth. Arrange the ice cubes wrapped in the cloth on your wrists and keep it for at least ten minutes. Repeat this operation once every hour.

 6- Arnica compresses

Arnica is a plant known for its anti-inflammatory properties, providing effective pain relief. In the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is particularly effective. You can use arnica as an ointment or a compress.

As an ointment, you will apply it twice a day. Spread a dab of the cream on the inner part of the wrist, then massage it lightly using your opposite thumb, going down to the lower level of the palm of the hand. Repeat this operation morning and evening, until the symptoms subside.


As a compress, you have two choices, either as a compress with the mother tincture of arnica, or as a compress with an arnica decoction.

For the first case, make a mixture with 100 grams of dried arnica flowers and half a liter of 60-degree alcohol. Let the flowers marinate for ten days and remember to stir the mixture every day.

After 10 days, filter the resulting mixture and keep it in a tinted glass jar. Then apply it on your wrist up to the elbow using a compress.

For the second case, boil a cup of water then add a tablespoon of the dried flowers of the plant. Leave to infuse for five to ten minutes then filter when the infusion has cooled. Then you just have to apply a compress impregnated with the infusion of arnica several times a day, on the sore part.

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Above all, do not take the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome lightly because it can cause significant damage, which may lead to the need for surgery.

By adopting one of the natural treatments mentioned above, I assure you that you will quickly be able to relieve your pain and find your wrists in great shape. If you have any questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to post your comments.

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