Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health


You want to have a glass of juice every morning before hitting the road to boost your body.

Unfortunately, you settle for just one cup of tea because you find that juicing is going to take you too long.

Think again. With Philips juice extractor HR1897 / 30, extracting a glass of juice will take you less time than a cup of tea. And better, the juice very rich in vitamins will boost your metabolism and positively impact your productivity.

Compared to other juice extractors, Philips is therefore a technical revolution that has many advantages, but also some disadvantages that weigh little in this balance of quality and price ratio.

The extractor at a glance

If the Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor is appreciated by thousands of households who have adopted it as soon as they tried it, it is surely because this extractor has met their expectations in many ways thanks to its characteristics which militate in its favor even if it is to note some hiccups.

No time to read the rest of our test, no problem! Here are the essentials to know about this product.

  • Powerful 200 watt motor
  • BPA Free Guarantee
  • Rotation speed unknown (unfortunately)
  • Philips warranty: 2 years
  •  it allows you to make nut butter, green juices
  • Uses a screenless system
  • Innovative thanks to Micromasticating technology


  • Excellent performance: the Philips juice extractor allows you to have up to 90% juice.
  • It is simple and easy to clean: in 1 minute
  • Its attractive design
  • its high extraction capacity
  • the quality of its juices


  • the diameter of the chimney which is a little narrow and does not allow the insertion of whole food
  • The engine that makes noise
  • The speed of rotation which remains unknown

The different functions of the HR1897 / 30 juice extractor

With 11,2 x 36,8 x 38,3 cm as measurements, the HR1897 / 30 juice extractor weighs only 4 kg and is thus made to take on picnics and parties with the family or to the neighbor’s house .

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Very light and of proportionate dimensions, it occupies only a tiny part of your kitchen and is not bulky like other models. Big advantage therefore for a horizontal device.

Equipped with a motor that runs at 200 W, the quality of its juices does not suffer from any doubt. Very easy to clean, it is a single screw device. The only unknown in this technical sheet is the speed of rotation and to a lesser extent the warranty.

However, the Philips extractor comes out with an appreciation rating of 4,5 / 5.


Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health

Five reasons to choose the HR1897 / 30 juice extractor

Easy to use

It is the kind of extractor suitable for all ages. If you are looking for an extractor to give to your parents, I highly recommend it.

Its instructions are not complex. All you have to do is insert fruit or vegetables, even hard ones like carrots, cut into pieces, and press the Start button.


The machine is turned on and serves your fruit in one minute.

Suitable for all types of juice

Some extractors are only made for certain categories of juice. This is not the case with the Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor which adapts to all your juice needs.

It works for both fruit juices and herbal juices like green leafy vegetables, salads, wheat grasses, kale… And that’s not all.


It also has strong teeth for cracking nuts like almonds. With this device, you no longer have to worry about preparing your almond milk and enriching your diet with new nutritional contributions.

Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health

We really like the design

Better yield in quantity and quality

Despite its power of 200 W (compared to other extractors that go beyond) the Philips serves you good quality juice and sufficient quantity of up to 1 liter.

With this extractor, you can drink your juice well refined and without debris as soon as it is extracted.

Equipped with a pre-cleaning function, the device allows you to recover even the last drops of your juice during cleaning.

Easy cleaning

You often enjoy having a glass of juice, but you are disgusted when you think of the cleaning of the extractor which takes tens of minutes with the old models. This is no longer the case with the HR1897 / 30 which cleans itself quickly.

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With its smooth and easy to disassemble parts, you can disassemble your machine and reassemble it in the blink of an eye. Then, thanks to its classic design in metallic gray tones, you go to cleaning under tap water without worrying that your machine will fade.

To enjoy your extractor for a long time, never leave your extractor without cleaning after use.

Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health

Single screw system

Discover the extractor in video:

What is the price?

It is often placed in the middle price range. We’re not going to put it away on really cheap machines (like the Koenig GSX 18) but it won’t break the bank either.

Here is its price on Amazon:

Where is it made?

This extractor is made in China.

User reviews

We have scoured the online sales sites for you to collect the opinions and comments of Internet users who had the chance to try the HR1897 / 30 juice extractor before you.

Note that the machine is well appreciated by users who have been won over by its strengths. Some have emphasized the design of the device which is made of well-polished steel with attractive chippings.

Others liked its very compact form which takes up little space. Almost all of these opinions approve of its mode of operation which is very simple and practical.

They are especially attracted by the cleaning method, which turns out to be very easy. Finally, they are also numerous approved the good performance of the machine through the quality and quantity of the juice that it produces and its good quality and price ratio.

And if the machine had 4,5 / 5 as a rating, it’s because some have complained about the fact that you have to cut the fruit into pieces before extracting them. Which therefore takes a little time. Another downside, we do not know the speed of rotation.

The alternatives

Omega Sana 707

With its highly polished design, this latest model from the Omega brand excites your taste buds and ensures quality extraction. Compared to Philips HR1897 / 30, it is equipped with 3 sieves namely a juice sieve, a nectar sieve and the last which is responsible for homogenization. Each sieve allows you to give your juice the thickness you want.

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Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health

H B C Tribest Solostar 4

Multifunctional, it is suitable for all your extraction needs. You can extract with, fruit and vegetable juices, herbal juices, sorbets, purees …

Very economical, it has a 135 watt motor smaller than Philips HR1897 / 30 and allows you to reduce your energy consumption while ensuring you all the vitamins and nutrients in your juice. It comes with a 15 year warranty.

Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health

Kuvings B9000 Vertical Juicer Gray

This machine especially seduced me with its wide feed neck which measures 7,5 cm. You no longer need to cut your food into pieces before inserting it.

It gobbles them up completely and saves you time. The catch is, it has a juice cap that retains all the flavor of your juice. With its small size, it is not bulky and its power is not far from that of Philips HR1897 / 30.

Philips HR1897 / 30 juice extractor: a device that has juice! – Happiness and health


If you buy this machine, you are sure to boost your body’s metabolism and ensure your well-being. Because with this juice extractor, it is now possible to drink a glass of juice every morning without being late for work.

With its very simple operating mode and accessible to everyone, you no longer have time to waste to extract your juice and no worries about cleaning it. Easy to carry, it follows you wherever you go and even around the house, with its small size and practically insignificant weight, it does not burden you at all in the kitchen.

The HR1897 / 30 juice extractor stands out on the market for the quality of the juice it produces and the sufficient quantity you have at your disposal in a single gesture without forgetting its design that arouses the appetite and its steel construction that guarantees its longevity.

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