Dr. Will Tuttle: Vegetarian food is food for spiritual health

We conclude with a brief retelling of Will Tuttle, Ph.D., The World Peace Diet. This book is a voluminous philosophical work, which is presented in an easy and accessible form for the heart and mind. 

“The sad irony is that we often peer into space, wondering if there are still intelligent beings, while we are surrounded by thousands of species of intelligent beings, whose abilities we have not yet learned to discover, appreciate and respect …” – Here is the main idea of ​​the book. 

The author made an audiobook out of Diet for World Peace. And he also created a disk with the so-called , where he outlined the main ideas and theses. You can read the first part of the summary “The World Peace Diet” . We published a retelling of the chapter of the book, which was called . The next, published by us the thesis of Will Tuttle sounded like this – . We recently talked about how . They also discussed that . The penultimate chapter is called

It’s time to retell the last chapter: 

Vegetarian food is food for spiritual health 

Cruelty to animals is boomeranging back to us. In the most varied form. It would be simply naive to think that we can sow hundreds of thousands of seeds of horror, pain, fear and repression, and these seeds will simply disappear into the air, as if they never existed. No, they won’t disappear. They bear fruit. 

We force the animals we eat to get fat while we ourselves become obese. We force them to live in a toxic environment, eat contaminated food and drink dirty water – and we ourselves live in the same conditions. We destroy their family ties and psyches, drug them – and we ourselves live on pills, suffer from mental disorders and see our families crumble. We regard animals as a commodity, an object of economic rivalry: the same can be said about us. And this is just offhand, examples of the transfer of our cruel actions to our own lives. 

We notice that we are more and more afraid of terrorism. And the reason for this fear lies in ourselves: we ourselves are terrorists. 

Since the animals we use for food are defenseless and cannot respond to us in kind, our cruelty avenges them. We are very good with those people who can answer us. We do our best not to harm them, because we know that if we offend them, they will respond in kind. And how do we treat those who cannot respond in kind? Here it is, a test for our true spirituality. 

If we do not participate in the exploitation and harm of those who are defenseless and cannot answer us, this means that we are strong in spirit. If we want to protect them and become their voice, this shows that compassion is alive in us. 

In the pastoral culture in which we were all born and live, this requires a spiritual effort. Our heart’s desire to live in peace and harmony calls us to “leave home” (break with the mindset instilled in us by our parents) and criticize the conventional notions of our culture, and live on Earth a life of kindness and compassion – instead of a life based on domination, cruelty and a break with true feelings. 

Will Tuttle believes that as soon as we start opening our hearts, we will immediately see all the life that inhabits the Earth. We will understand that all living beings are emotionally connected to each other. We recognize that our well-being depends on the well-being of all our neighbors. And, therefore, we need to be attentive to the consequences of our actions. 

The more we understand the pain we bring to animals, the more confidently we refuse to turn our backs on their suffering. We become freer, more compassionate, and wiser. By liberating these animals, we will begin to liberate ourselves, our natural intelligence, which will help us build a brighter society where everyone is taken care of. A society not built on the principles of aggression. 

If all these changes really happen within us, we will naturally move towards eating free of animal products. And it won’t seem like a “limitation” to us. We realize that this decision has given us great strength for further – positive – life. The transition to vegetarianism is a triumph of love and compassion, a victory over cynicism and illusory nature, this is the path to harmony and fullness of our inner world. 

As soon as we begin to understand that animals are not food, but beings that have their own interests in life, we will also understand that in order to free ourselves, we must free animals that are very dependent on us. 

The roots of our spiritual crisis lie right before our eyes, in our plates. Our inherited food choices oblige us to live in accordance with an outdated and obsolete mentality that constantly undermines our happiness, our mind and our freedom. We can no longer turn our backs on the animals we eat and ignore their fate, which is in our hands. 

We are all connected to each other. 

Thank you for your attention and care. Thank you for going vegan. And thanks for spreading the ideas. Please share what you have learned with your loved ones. May peace and joy be with you as a reward for doing your part in the healing process. 

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