Products in the vegetarian arsenal

Switching to a vegetarian diet, the issue of expanding the list of food consumed in order to make up for the fact that a number of familiar foods have left the diet becomes especially relevant. You may not find all of the following products easily, but they will greatly expand and diversify your diet. — Presented in various variations, including a neutral taste that leaves a slight aftertaste. – The substitute is made from a mixture of vegetable starches. One and a half tsp spoons of this product, mixed with two tbsp. water, equivalent to one egg. Often used in vegetarian recipes. – The filling (patty) in these burgers is made from soy, but it can also be prepared on the basis of grains and vegetables. – Hot or cold whole grain cereals with water is an easy and nutritious option to start a new day. – Soy curd, which is made, respectively, from soy milk with the help of a coagulant. Being a completely vegetable product, tofu cheese (or cottage cheese) is used extremely often in vegetarian cuisine, it is widely used in Indian cooking. — Traditional Indonesian food made from whole soybeans, fermented and pressed into a rectangular block. – These types of mixes are available for making a wide range of bakery products such as gingerbread, cakes, pastries, cookies, pancakes and waffles.

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