Six ideas for the New Year holidays

We offer six ideas on how you can spend time in a fun, educational and useful way.

1 idea: go on a tour of historical sites

Winter excursions are wonderful because at this time there is no large influx of tourists, as happens in summer. You have the opportunity to be alone with nature, soak up the fabulous atmosphere, see the beauty of the real Russian winter, work up a healthy appetite and feel relaxing fatigue.

Gather a pleasant company, put on comfortable shoes and a warm jacket, take a thermos, a snack and go to the forest, away from the noisy and polluted city.

There are amazing places in the Leningrad region. For example, a winter forest, canyons and caves where you can see sleeping bats.

In the Moscow region, after January 1, it will open for visits, which is located in the Serpukhov district. Here you will see wild animals in their natural habitat: a wolf, a fox, a hare, a herd of bison.

2 idea: go to the tropics

In an instant, you can find yourself in the humid tropics and see blooming orchids and outlandish plants by visiting the Botanical Garden. Petersburg it is. And in Moscow – where an exhibition of Japanese bonsai will soon open. 

3rd idea: go hiking

If you want to have a fun time and are confident in your abilities, then winter hiking is exactly what you need. With an experienced instructor, you will climb into the very depths of the forest, where along the way you will be taught the basics of survival. You will get tired, freeze and warm yourself by the fire in a pleasant company, and if you wish, you will stay overnight in a tent.

There are also very exciting trips to historical places and places of military glory on snowshoes. This trip will be unforgettable and full of impressions.

Idea 4: communicate with animals

The best alternative to zoos are nature reserves and nurseries. There you can see animals in their natural habitat and enjoy their natural beauty.

Located 40 kilometers from St. Petersburg. There, bison roam the vast territory behind the fence. Sometimes they show interest in people and come closer. Then they can be fed and photographed.

Also, to spend time with animals, it is not necessary to travel so far. In a city for homeless dogs and cats, where you can come, take a four-legged baby for a walk. Thus, you will not only spend active time, but also help the shelter to care for pets. Do not forget to bring gifts for tailed inhabitants. This trip, filled with meaning and good intentions, will allow you to rest your soul and will be remembered for a long time.

Idea 5: If you like outdoor activities

Even if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard yet, it’s time to try to stand on them. And suddenly you find yourself in this hobby?

Start conquering the ski track, which is within the city. In St. Petersburg, for example, there is the Pargalovo ski slope, and in the south-west of Moscow there is the Uzkoye ski slope, one of the longest in the city.

For beginners and professional snowboarders and skiers outside the city there are trails of various lengths, with ups and downs. And you can come with children to the Snezhny ski resort in the Leningrad Region. There are slopes specially equipped for this.

6 idea: go to the skating rink

Still, outdoor activities are the best solution for the New Year holidays, especially if your family traditionally sets a large table.

If you do not know how to skate, then this is not a problem. Actually, it’s not that hard to learn. Gather your friends and go to the skating rink. With this kind of support, you will succeed.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there are large open skating rinks right in the parks, where tracks are poured for skating.

Invite friends, gather relatives, spend time informatively and profitably. Use the weekends to have an active rest and then in winter you will definitely not freeze. 

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