World Vegetarian Day Through the Eyes of the Vegetarian Team

«I went to vegetarianism for about five years, studying and analyzing various information, as well as looking closely at my feelings. Why so long? Firstly, it is important for me that this is my decision, and not imposed from outside. Secondly, at first I just wanted to catch cold less often – a rather selfish desire that did not lead to anything. Everything changed dramatically after watching films about the abuse of animals and our planet in particular. I no longer had any doubts about the correctness of my decision. As a result, my experience is still small – only three years, but during this time my life has become much better, starting from the same health and ending with thinking!

Many people do not understand how you can NOT eat meat, but I do not understand how you can continue to do this when there is so much information on this subject. Seriously!

In addition to food, I pay attention to cosmetics, household chemicals and clothes, gradually getting rid of unethical things. But without fanaticism! I don’t see the point in throwing things away and thereby polluting the planet even more, I just treat new purchases more consciously.

With all this, my lifestyle is still far from ideal, and all of the above is a matter of personal choice. But let’s face it: we all end up striving for the same thing – happiness and kindness. Vegetarianism is a story about kindness to animals, the planet and yourself, which generates a feeling of happiness somewhere deep inside».

«I became a vegetarian in 2013 after watching the film Earthlings. During this time, I experimented a lot with my diet: I was a vegan for a year (but I had bad tests), then seasonally raw food in the warm months (I felt good, and I mastered a new cuisine), then returned to lacto-ovo vegetarianism – it’s 100% mine! 

After giving up meat, my hair began to grow better (I have been struggling with this all my life – they are thin). If we talk about mental changes, then I became kinder, more conscious, in comparison with what I was before: I quit smoking, I began to drink alcohol much less often. 

I believe that Vegetarian Day has global goals: for like-minded people to unite, get to know each other, expand their community and understand that they are not alone in fighting for a just cause. Sometimes many people “fall away” because they feel lonely. But actually it is not. There are many who think like you, you just have to look a little!»

«The first time I switched to vegetarianism was at school, but it was thoughtless, rather, just following the fashion. At that time, plant-based nutrition was just beginning to become a trend. But a couple of years ago it happened consciously, I asked myself the question: why do I need this? The shortest and most correct answer for me is ahimsa, the principle of non-violence, unwillingness to harm and cause pain to someone. And I believe that this should be the case in everything!»

«When information about a raw food diet first began to appear on RuNet, I happily plunged into a new world for myself, but it only lasted me a couple of months. However, the process of returning to meat, rather painful for digestion, made me understand that something was wrong here.

I returned to the question in 2014, and completely unconsciously – I just realized that I no longer want to eat animal flesh. Only after a while I had a desire to search for information, watch films on the topic, read books. This, to be honest, made me an “evil vegan” for a while. But, having finally established my choice, I felt calmness and acceptance inside, a desire to respect people with different views. At this stage, I am a lacto-vegetarian, I do not wear clothes, jewelry, shoes made of leather. And even though my lifestyle is far from ideal, but inside I feel a small particle of light that warms me in difficult times and inspires me to move forward!

I do not like sermons about the benefits of plant-based nutrition and the dangers of meat, so I do not consider Vegetarian Day an occasion for such discussions. But this is a great opportunity to show your best qualities: do not publish aggressive posts about people with different views on social networks, do not swear with relatives and friends and try to fill your head with positive thoughts! People – a trifle, and goodness on the planet will increase».

«My acquaintance with vegetarianism, even more with its consequences, began many years ago. I was lucky, I found myself among people who live by vegetarianism and do it not at the behest of a trend, but at the call of their hearts. By the way, ten years ago it was more strange than fashionable, because people consciously made this decision. I myself did not notice how imbued and became the same “strange”. I’m kidding, of course.

But seriously, I consider vegetarianism a natural form of nutrition and, if you like, the basis for understanding the universe as a whole. All the talk and wishes for a “peaceful sky” are meaningless if people continue to eat animal food.

I want to say thank you to everyone who showed me that it is possible to live differently, by example. Friends, do not be afraid to abandon the imposed stereotypes and do not judge vegetarianism hastily!»

«I was born a vegetarian in a family where everyone adheres to a plant-based diet. We are five children – a living example of how you can live without “essential amino acids”, so we constantly dispel myths and destroy prejudices that have been imposed on many since childhood. I am very glad that I was raised this way, and I do not regret anything. I thank my parents for their choice and I understand how difficult it was for them to bring up vegetarians when they were imprisoned in the country for such views.

Six months ago, I switched to veganism, and my life has improved even more. Naturally, I lost 8 kg. Of course, it is possible to list all the positive aspects for a very long time, but the newspapers will definitely not be enough for this!

I am very pleased with how vegetarianism is developing and progressing in Russia. I believe that every year there will be more and more interested people, and in the end we will save the planet! I am grateful to our readers for striving for awareness, and I advise everyone to read a lot of wise and useful books and communicate with people who have embarked on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge is definitely power!»

«By the standards of vegetarians, I am a “baby”. Only the first month I am in a new rhythm of life. It turned out that I was inspired by the work with VEGETARIAN and finally decided! Although I understand that the idea to give up meat was in my head for a long time.

And the pimple on the face became the motivation. In the morning you shave, touch this “guest” – and, bleeding, you think: “That’s it! It’s time to eat well.” This is how my vegan month started. I did not expect it myself, but there are already improvements in well-being! There was an unexpected lightness in movements and sobriety of thinking. I was especially pleased with the disappearance of fatigue, which was already developing into chronic. Yes, and the skin became cleaner – the same pimple left me.

Vegetarian Day is not even a holiday, but rather a powerful unifying event. Firstly, this is a great occasion for vegetarians to arrange themed parties and paint one of the days in “green” colors. Secondly, “Vegetarian Day” is an information “bomb” that reveals to everyone around the features and dignity of this life format. Want to learn about a healthy lifestyle – please! On October 1, many interesting (and educational) events will take place online, on the streets of cities and in entertainment venues, in the center of which is conscious eating. So, I’m sure a lot of people will wake up as vegetarians on October 2!»

«In those distant 80s, very strange people began to appear on the streets of our cities: girls in colorful curtains (like a sari) and guys wrapped in white sheets from below. They loudly, from the bottom of their hearts, sang the sweet-sounding Indian mantras “Hare Krishna Hare Rama”, clapping their hands and dancing, giving birth to some new energy, mysterious and incredibly attractive. Our people, simple and uncomplicated by esotericism, looked at it as if the guys had fled in formation from some heavenly madhouse, but they stopped, listened and even sometimes sang along. Then books were handed out; so from these devout Hare Krishnas I received a small self-published brochure “How to become a vegetarian”, and I read it and immediately believed that the Christian commandment “do not kill” applies not only to people, but to all living beings.  

However, it turned out that becoming a vegetarian is not so easy. At first, when my friend asked me: “Well, did you read it? Have you stopped eating meat yet? I humbly answered: “Yes, of course, I only eat chicken sometimes … but it’s not meat?” Yes, then ignorance among the people (and me personally) then was so deep and dense that many sincerely believed that chicken was not a bird … that is, not meat. But somewhere in a couple of months, I already became a completely righteous vegetarian. And for the past 37 years I have been very happy about this, because the power is not in the “meat, but in the truth.”  

Then, in the dense 80-90s and beyond, before the era of abundance, being a vegetarian meant living from hand to mouth, endlessly standing in lines for vegetables, of which there were only 5-6 varieties of species. Weeks to hunt for cereals and, if you’re lucky, for butter and sugar on coupons. Endure ridicule, hostility and aggression of others. But on the other hand, there was a clear realization that the truth is the truth here, and you are doing everything right and honestly.

Now vegetarianism gives an unthinkable wealth and variety of species, colors, moods and tastes. Gourmet dishes that delight the eye and peace from harmony with nature and with oneself.

Now it is still a real matter of life and death of our planet due to an ecological catastrophe. After all, there is a trend, there are interests of each individual, and there is humanity and the planet as a whole, on which it still lives. Many great people from the pages of our unique, unparalleled newspaper are calling for real steps to save our Earth from the consequences of human activity and its consumption of animal products. The time has come for realization, practice and awareness, when our life depends on the activity of each of us.


 No wonder the word “vegetarianism” contains “the power of life».

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